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Connecticut gubernatorial candidate John DeStefano, a Catholic, supports forcing Catholic hospitals to provide chemical abortions. Turning his back on religious liberty and unborn children has won him the endorsement of the pro-abortion group NOW: Although Mayor DeStefano’s opponent is a woman, it is crystal clear which gubernatorial candidate is best for the women of Connecticut,” […]

Michael Fedele, Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, spoke against forcing Catholic hospitals to provide chemical abortions in his Friday debate with his opponent: Asked about legislation that would require all hospitals, including Catholic ones, to provide rape victims with emergency contraception, Fedele said the issue is now moot because the FDA will allow over-the-counter sales […]

…is Blessed Among Men by a Catholic homeschooling mom of five young boys. On Crosshairs we keep readers informed on the fight for the family in Connecticut’s culture and politics. But what are Connecticut’s pro-family citizens up to when they’re not engaged in the sort of activities that make headlines? What is it like to […]

Even Rep. Joe Aresimowicz (D – Berlin, Southington)—who is running against FIC Action Committee-endorsed candidate Ed Pocock—is backing away from his longstanding ties with Love Makes a Family. In a “Meet the Candidates” forum at St. Dominic Church that I attended on Wednesday night, each candidate was asked point blank if he would vote to […]

Chris Bigelow, a liberal of the “nobody here but us moderates” school, says this on his CT Local Politics blog Wednesday: We have civil unions already, and only the extremists at the Family Institute seem to care. And an anonymous commentator on his thread chimes in: Its amazing, this has not come up as an […]

So I turn on liberal radio host Colin McEnroe’s Oct. 13th show and he’s addressing a few “transgendered” guests?those who have had sex-change operations and believe the human race has more than two sexes. “Where is this issue a big deal?” Colin asks. “Maybe it is in Nebraska, Kansas or somewhere else in the Midwest, […]


The opponent of pro-family State Senate candidate Sam Caligiuri (Southington, Wolcott, parts of Waterbury and Cheshire) has launched one of the most disgusting attacks we have seen in this year’s state elections: Negative ads may be a fixture of political campaigns, but Dave Zoni’s latest mailer in his race against former Waterbury mayor Sam Caligiuri […]


This blog is about to fill up with items about FICAC-endorsed candidates. But before that happens I want to mention a few recent items that do not touch directly on those races. Mark Silk had an interesting op-ed in the Sunday Courant on faith and the Lieberman-Lamont race. He describes accurately the dilemma our movement […]

From Wrenn’s Radio Free West Hartford column responding to Rep. Al Adinolfi’s anti-Catholic opponent: On his web site, Dr. Brewer speaks in very vitriolic terms about the Family Institute Of Connecticut, the Catholic faith, “the radical right,” the government’s “religious base,” and so on. I would hope Dr. Brewer’s bedside manner is at least slightly […]

 View the Family Institute of Connecticut Action Committee’s list of endorsed pro-family candidates for our state legislature here.

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