From Wrenn’s Radio Free West Hartford column responding to Rep. Al Adinolfi’s anti-Catholic opponent:

On his web site, Dr. Brewer speaks in very vitriolic terms about the Family Institute Of Connecticut, the Catholic faith, “the radical right,” the government’s “religious base,” and so on. I would hope Dr. Brewer’s bedside manner is at least slightly subtler than his campaign temperament. By Dr. Brewer’s own assertion, legislators represent constituents statewide. I have a hard time believing that such a vitriolic person could “forgive and forget” (to use one of those dreaded religious terms) and objectively serve all his constituents, friend and foe alike after inauguration. If this is Brewer’s idea of schmoozing us now as a candidate, just imagine what he would be like if elected! (Visual aid-Just picture recently reelected New Orleans Mayor, Ray “Chocolate City” Nagin governing New Orleans Caucasians!) I shudder to think how a “Representative” Phil Brewer would “represent” me, one of those insidious, “right wing,” “Catholic,” “FIC” supporters! Phil Brewer is not a man I see as being an effective legislator, being able to work across party lines, or keeping an open mind. In short, the good doctor should thank God (Oops, sorry again, Doc) for his day job. I can’t vote for Rep. Adinolfi. I don’t reside in his district, but if you do, please vote for him. We don’t need a doctor to cure society’s ills, and we especially don’t need one more visceral foe in our state capitol to attack the Judeo/Christian foundation on which this country was created, and yes, by God, like it or not. No, Rep. Adinolfi is not a doctor. Yes, Phil Brewer is a doctor. So was Jonas Salk, but so is Jack Kevorkian. While the practice of medicine is a noble and humanitarian endeavor, the job does not make the man. The man merely does the job. An abortionist has to be a doctor to legally commit infanticide on our most vulnerable and innocent fellow citizens, so what does that prove? All the knowledge in the world is of little real value without the morality to support that knowledge and use it appropriately. Shame on you, Dr. Brewer. I couldn’t care less what you or your liberal cronies consider “mainstream” or “moderate.” The litmus for what is right and wrong is not a popularity contest. Opinions change, but values do not. Ironically, if traditional values were instead a recently hatched egg from some endangered, federally protected spotted, three-eyed bird living in the Pacific Northwest, liberals would leave us alone. Confident, principled, elected leaders (not lemmings) know that they have both a moral and an ethical duty to keep the bar high for a better society, and not to lower that bar for a few quick, easy votes. (See how it works now, Doc?) If you want to take some cheap shots, Dr. Brewer, please do it on the golf course. And to you, Rep. Adinolfi, best wishes in your hopefully continued and distinguished career of service to all of us in our collective home, the state of Connecticut. And from this grateful citizen, thank you, Sir, for protecting and preserving decency, in the form of non-changing traditional, cherished, but increasingly endangered values.

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