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Pro-Life Victory in Branford

[Sam Bailey-Loomis is President and founder of Branford High School Students for Life & Students for Life of Branford ~ PW] Being an abortion abolitionist is no easy task. I can confidently say that abolitionists from all walks of life can agree. However, when people ask me why I do what I do, my only response […]

I was doing research online the other day and managed to trigger a pop-up ad “Sponsored by Compassion and Choices” (formerly the Hemlock Society), the well-funded group behind the push to legalize assisted suicide. I won’t reproduce the ad here, although I made sure to take a screenshot, but it’s a fairly sophisticated ad with […]

astroturfing the act of creating a small organization and making it appear to represent something popular for the purpose of promoting a particular entity, cause, etc. (a play on grassroots in the sense of a popular movement originating among the common people, ultimately from AstroTurf, a brand of artificial grass) – In keeping with […]

As you know from FIC Action’s email alerts, the Public Health Committee has until Friday, March 28th to vote on HB 5326, the Assisted Suicide bill. Please contact the members of the Committee and ask them to vote NO on HB 5326. You can use FIC Action’s two fact sheets on the dangers of Assisted […]

[Nancy Elliott is a former member of New Hampshire House of Representatives. – PW] Yesterday, the New Hampshire House of Representatives rejected HB1325, which would have instituted Assisted Suicide in that state. After careful investigation representatives decided this practice is just too dangerous for its people. With one voice, Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians joined forces […]

FAMILY INSTITUTE OF CONNECTICUT ACTION PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release: Tuesday, March 6, 2014 Contact: Peter Wolfgang 860-548-0066 Quinnipiac Poll Showing Support for Assisted Suicide is Flawed The following statement may be attributed to Family Institute of Connecticut Action president Peter Wolfgang: “The poll released this morning by Quinnipiac University purporting to show that 61% […]

  (Photo above: Our Executive Director demonstrates why he is the life of every party…)   For those who aren’t familiar with me, I am known as the Public Policy Assistant at FIC Action. I’m just going to put this out there: I have an awesome job. I am writing when I should definitely be […]

The front page of Monday’s Waterbury Republican-American reads: Litchfield High School senior Hannah Arnold plans to be one of the 406 students who take part in an anonymous ‘Profiles of Student Life’ survey March 13, but that doesn’t mean she’s happy about the [sic] some of the questions she’ll be asked. “It’s an invasion of […]