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First, you should know what the media is downplaying: The Supreme Court did not find a right to same-sex “marriage” in the U.S. Constitution as it did with abortion in 1973. This result contradicts the claims of our adversaries that same-sex “marriage” is a civil right akin to other civil rights. The Court had the […]

What, No Invite?

Same-Sex “Wedding” at Governor’s Residence The Hartford Courant reports that former Rep. Mike Lawlor is “marrying” his partner at a reception to be held at the Governor’s residence, the “wedding” to be performed by Justice Andrew McDonald: “Yep, I’m the last of the group to get gay married, ” quipped Lawlor, who, with Mark Ojakian,now […]

The U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday voted 228-196 to pass the Pain Capable Child Protection Act, a ban on abortion starting at 20 weeks (the point at which the unborn child can feel pain). The Susan B. Anthony List’s Marjorie Dannenfelser reports: It is historic.  For the first time since Roe versus Wade in 1973, a […]

Media Censors Victory Over Assisted Suicide Connecticut was targeted in 2013 to be the first state in the country to legalize assisted suicide through the state legislature. But assisted suicide was defeated – crushed – this year, thanks to the Family Institute of Connecticut and our allies! And yet, when the media wrote their “winners […]

Choosing Life Cost Hers

The gloomy weather today in Hartford perfectly matches my emotional state as I write that, a few weeks ago, 21-year-old Shamari Jenkins was gunned down on a North End street, allegedly on her boyfriend’s orders. Carlton “CJ” Bryan reportedly told a friend that Shamari was “trying to ruin his life.” Why? Because she was four […]

There is still time to register for the Great Awakening IV conference, which is taking place June 20-22 at Memorial Hall in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The title recalls previous “Great Awakenings” of Christian faith in American history. From the informational brochure: At this conference an excellent selection of nationally recognized speakers will address the reasons for […]

“You must love Connecticut if you want to win Connecticut. You cannot win without love.” It is that time of year again. FIC’s Summer Fundraising Campaign has begun. Those of you who are on our email list know the details by which we can raise $60,000 by mid-summer to carry on the fight for life, […]

In the six years since Peter Wolfgang became president of Family Institute of Connecticut Action, we have suffered only one major legislative defeat: the passage of the 2011 Bathroom Bill. 2013 marks the resumption of FIC Action’s winning streak and, indeed, of an FIC Action that is better than it has ever been. Here is […]