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The update is that there is no update–that is, no new information to reveal. But it’s been awhile since the issue was discussed on this blog and there are a few related media items worth mentioning. There was Catholic Concerns Day, for instance. The Courant made the absurd claim that “about 100” participated (the Post put […]

If you had followed Monday’s hearing via the bizarro world of liberal blogdom you’d have thought the day belonged to our opponents. But those who were there–or who watched it for themselves via CTN rather than relying on Mike Lawlor’s favorite propagandists–know differently. The Judiciary Committee’s March 26th public hearing on the bill to redefine […]

When she spoke at yesterday’s hearing, Maggie Gallagher had it exactly right when she said: There’s something special about unions of husbands and wives that justifies the unique status in law and in society At its heart, civil marriage is a contract between husband, wife, and the government. And like all contracts, it requires an […]

Although we defenders of traditional family values remain steadfastly opposed to the agenda of the Left in redefining marriage to encompass same-sex couples, one can hardly blame the revisionists for making an attempt to change the status quo. Those who believe they are unfairly being denied certain rights and privileges are likely to be very […]

Below is a (slightly edited) post that I originally published on this blog on October 5, 2005. Ever since we transitioned to a more standard blog format I’ve noticed a number of comments from opponents indicating they don’t get what we’re trying to say on the topic of media bias. My hope is that re-posting this […]

A bill fabricating same-sex “marriage” in Connecticut was referred to the Joint Committee on the Judiciary today. You can read H.B. 7395, “An Act Concerning Marriage Equality,” by clicking here. H.B. 7395 would not give same-sex couples a single new “right” they do not already have under the civil union law; its only purpose is to […]

If it’s Monday it must be time to respond to a Sunday Courant piece aimed at FIC. Or, at least, that is my understanding of whom Coontz is referring to: Claims of historical fact about marriage can be proved true or false, and three of the historical claims made by opponents of same-sex marriage in […]

Just a quick, snowy-Friday wrap-up of recent happenings. Lefty blogger Spazeboy has responded to my guest post on same-sex “marriage” which he invited me to write. An editor at a national publication had this reaction to the exchange: “You pre-empted their rebuttal, but they didn’t notice or care.” Precisely. Our liberal correspondent Simon, in a previous thread, states his belief […]

A bill that would force Catholic hospitals to provide chemical abortions was approved by the Human Services Committte today in a 12-5 vote. Our thanks to Senator Kissel and Representatives Adinolfi, Morris, Thompson and Truglia for their courageous vote against this pro-abortion attack on religious liberty. As noted repeatedly by religious liberty advocates: The secondary […]

St. Francis Hospital’s Barry Feldman marvelously represented the pro-life, pro-religious liberty position at yesterday’s Plan B hearing. An excerpt from the Courant: The Catholic hospitals, according to their own survey, treated 73 rape victims in the first six months of 2006. All of those at risk of pregnancy – 26 patients – were given an ovulation […]

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