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Last time he sent his associates to change the locks and confiscate the property. It’s a less bare-knuckled approach this time, but essentially the same story: The pastor of a Bristol parish that voted itself out of the Episcopal Church in May has been removed from ministry by the Connecticut Diocese, and church members have […]

There will be a protest by Connecticut homeschoolers at the legislative office building at 9 a.m. today. From the press release posted at Judy Aron’s blog: CONNECTICUT PARENTS SCHEDULE A PROTEST ON 06-28-07 AT THE STATE CAPITOL TO URGE GOVERNOR RELL TO HELP END ABUSIVE PRACTICES BY THE STATE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION (SDOE) AND DEPARTMENT […]

It’s been an interesting week at the US Supreme Court, with uplifting news of a series of rulings that bolster freedom of speech and religion. You just know it’s good news for us when the New York Times opines:  The Supreme Court hit the trifecta yesterday: Three cases involving the First Amendment. Three dismaying decisions […]

In another discussion thread, I recently mentioned the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution, saying that it is meant (in part) “to ensure freedom of religion, not freedom from religion”. This assertion drew some howls and catcalls from our left-wing opponents, so I thought it would be useful to review this principle a bit more. […]

The first thing to jump out at me in the Courant’s front page story on presidential candidate Barack Obama’s speech to the UCC synod in Hartford is this pull-out quote alongside the main article: Doing the Lord’s work is a thread that’s run though our politics since the very beginning. And it puts the lie to […]

Yet another oft-cited argument by SSM supporters is that homosexuals have an inherent predisposition towards the behavior. They claim that it is an innate, inborn quality, perhaps a consequence of some as yet undetermined genetic factor. In any event, having made this claim, they proceed to assert such behavior ought not to be deemed immoral, […]

One of the oft-raised arguments by SSM supporters is that seemingly homosexual behaviors have been observed within the animal kingdom. Consequently, they ask, how can we consider homosexuality immoral on the basis of natural law?  The simplest answer to this challenge is that animal behavior is not a roadmap to justify human morality. Animals also […]

The following editorial, “DELUCA: Senate rulers wield yardsticks,” appeared in the Republican-American on June 15th and is reprinted here with permission. Sen. Louis C. DeLuca did the right thing by resigning as minority leader. His private conduct cast serious doubt on his ability to lead. However, it appears the Democrats and the news media aren’t going […]

Leave it to Pray Connecticut’s Nick Uva to come up with this one! A Connecticut Christians group has been started on Facebook, the popular social networking site. Go here for the details and do consider joining in the fun.

What? I’d blog about these items even if my last UCC post wasn’t named “today’s hottest comment section” yesterday by or even if Sitemeter wasn’t registering FIC Blog at 1,031 average per day visits. Honest. 🙂 Anyway, the Courant piece linked to on Monday mentioned only four state churches that left the UCC in the […]

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