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In September, the Family Institute of Connecticut will launch an ambitious new activist network–the FIC Community Action Network (FIC-CAN) to educate, equip and activate concerned Connecticut individuals to take an active role in influencing our culture and government. FIC-CAN will be a network of pro-family activists and volunteers across the state–concerned individuals like you–who want […]

The first post on this blog appeared way back on October 20, 2004. Crosshairs’ full archive of pre-2006 blogging can be accessed by clicking here. About a year ago I mentioned in this space that we would eventually be upgrading to a standard blog format: comment boxes, a blogroll, trackbacks, etc. Watch for updates as […]


He votes with NARAL 95 percent of the time but abortion activists still betrayed him. In its Aug. 20th editorial, the CT based National Catholic Register tells Sen. Lieberman how he can win true friends: The French author Charles Baudelaire wrote “The Generous Gambler.” In the story, the protagonist sells his soul to the devil […]

The FDA’s decision allowing over-the-counter access to a potential abortifacient has led pro-abortion activists to renew their attacks on religious freedom in Connecticut: In Connecticut, women’s advocates who have been lobbying for easier access to the drug for rape victims said they fear the ruling will do little to change the continued reluctance of Catholic […]

Is it any surprise that scientists who want to clone and kill human embryos have other ethical problems too? An op-ed in the Sunday Courant notes that two-thirds of the grant-awarding committee have conflicts of interest: For example, the board includes Xiangzhong “Jerry” Yang, the state’s premier stem cell researcher. Last year, he threatened to […]

Yale has hired someone new to direct its clone-and-kill research, according to yesterday’s Courant: Yale University has named a director for its new stem cell program, which will include controversial work involving cells taken from human embryos. Stem cell biologist Haifan Lin, co-founder of Duke University’s stem cell research program, will oversee a group of […]


The “Needle” page of the Courant’s Sunday magazine also has a surprisingly good interview with the head of Rachel’s Vineyard, a ministry to post-abortive women in the Bridgeport Diocese: Q5: Catholics for Free Choice is a 30-year-old pro-choice Catholic group that maintains that true “Catholic theology respects the moral agency of all women.” How do […]

They just can’t help themselves. The Courant’s Sunday magazine yesterday ran another “needling” of FIC, its third since June: Once again, a bunch of activist judges have rebuffed the Family Institute of Connecticut in its effort to save the state’s children from lives of misery and disadvantage caused by homosexuality. Regarding Zingers, the NE feature […]

The big story in Tuesday’s state primaries is the one you’re not hearing about: pro-family Rep. Minnie Gonzalez (D-Hartford) defeated another effort by pro same-sex unions Mayor Eddie Perez to purge her from the legislature’s Democratic caucus. And she did it with help from FIC Action Committee (FICAC).  On July 27 FICAC sent an e-mail […]

Focus on the Family’s “CitizenLink” has posted a piece on Tuesday’s primaries, which includes this from FIC: Lieberman stands a good chance of election as an independent, according to Peter Wolfgang, director of public policy for the Family Institute of Connecticut, but the defeat polarized the state Democratic Party. “It’s sad, really, that in the […]

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