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UConn football coach Ernest Jones is in hot water for telling an interviewer, “We’re going to make sure [players] understand that Jesus Christ should be in the center of our huddle.” As someone who once had a painfully awkward brush with aggressive atheism at work, we’re all too aware that this is a two-way street; […]

Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro and other key House Democrats have issued a memo to House Republicans purporting to offer tips on “how to better communicate with women on the issues important to them.” In reality, this memo revolves around abortion – though, of course, they substitute their own euphemisms whenever possible. Given that communicating with our […]

That’s a big word, obeisance. But considering the synonyms are “respect, homage, worship, adoration, reverence, veneration, honor, submission, deference” we cannot imagine a word that better describes the stance of Connecticut’s top politicians to same-sex “marriage.” It it almost comical. On the Left, loud and open support for same-sex “marriage” is now a must for […]

I wish Talk of Connecticut still had its Dan Lovallo archives on its website, so I could link to his 2009 interview of me regarding President Obama’s nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court. Here is what I remember: I hedged. Given that there was nothing we could do to stop her, I suggested […]