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From our friend Chris O’Brien, Connecticut Right to Life’s Vice-President for Legislative Affairs: Every year conservatives are told that Connecticut voters are not conservative. They say that voters here are pro-choice, liberal, and support the current regimes in office. As a result, we have constantly had candidate after candidate trotted before us in the polls […]

For those of us who actually live in the Archdiocese of Hartford, the announcement of Toledo Bishop Leonard P. Blair as the next Archbishop of Hartford was a happy occasion: Peter Wolfgang, the executive director of the Family Institute of Connecticut and a Catholic, said the announcement of the new bishop “is huge news for […]

  Last weekend Connecticut welcomed a group which hosted its first secular conference. Heralded by bill boards across Connecticut proclaiming themselves “good”, the coalition seeks to build networking opportunities and increase their political involvement. Despite a few jabs at folks whose politics are formed by Judeo-Christian values, the Family Institute welcomes everyone to participate in the […]

It’s that time of year again. I’m seeing pink. Everywhere. Here…Here… Here… Here…     Even at the deli. I’m serious: sliced meat now comes with a pink pedigree. With few exceptions, the pink lovefest seems to involve Susan G. Komen, who appeared ready to finally throw off the yoke of funding to Planned Parenthood […]

As FIC email recipients know, on Saturday, October 19th, FIC will have an exhibit at the Respect Life Conference in South Meriden. You can download a form to register for the conference, which will feature former presidential candidate Alan Keyes, here.

As FIC email recipients know, Iron Sharpens Iron, the evangelical Christian men’s conference, will be held at the First Assembly of God in Danbury (Brookfield) on Saturday, October 19th. FIC strongly encourages participation in this event, which you can register for here. FIC will be present with an exhibit but, more importantly, Jim Daly, President of […]

GOT LIFE service on Oct. 19th

There will be a Celebration of Life Service at 6 pm on Saturday, October 19th, in recognition of the launching of Got Life ministries. Georgette Forney, President of Anglicans for Life and Silent No More will be joining the service. It will be held at Mary of Bethany, located at Church of the Good Shepard, […]

They say Connecticut is not a pro-life state and, at least in terms of our laws and politicians, they are right. But anyone following the pro-life calendar in Connecticut for the month of October would be hard-pressed to deny the presence of a vigorous grassroots pro-life movement here. Indeed, there are so many events that […]

From our friend Christine Murphy: 40 Days for Life, Bridgeport is sponsoring a Pro-Life Living Rosary. Anyone interested in participating can go to the website, listed below, to sign up. If you have any questions please feel free to call George Meagher at (203) 377-6886. Pro-Life Living Rosary Saturday, October 19, 2013 – 11 AM […]

No Republican has been elected Secretary of State in Connecticut in over twenty years (and the one before that was thirty-six years earlier). So Peter Lumaj’s 2014 campaign for that office is, admittedly, a long shot. But how can we resist a candidate with a logo like the one above, especially with our friend William […]

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