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In the six years since Peter Wolfgang became president of Family Institute of Connecticut Action, we have suffered only one major legislative defeat: the passage of the 2011 Bathroom Bill. 2013 marks the resumption of FIC Action’s winning streak and, indeed, of an FIC Action that is better than it has ever been. Here is […]

Family Institute of Connecticut Action opposes S.B. 374, An Act Requiring Behavioral Health Assessments for Children. This bill will have a public hearing this Friday, March 8th. Read all about it here. In addition to the aids provided in the previous link, the campus coordinator of Regina Caeli Academy, Erika Ahern (pictured above) has submitted a […]

Remember school choice? The Connecticut chapter of Americans for Prosperity do, and they are taking part in a simulcast event on it Jan. 26th. We encourage our homeschooling friends–and others who care about parents having more say in their children’s education–to attend. Details are provided by AFPF-CT: American 15-year-olds rank 35th out of 57 countries […]

As first noted by the intrepid Judy Aron in our previous thread, the language of the original homeschooling bill has been mysteriously altered to codify the very violations of parental rights which we are fighting. Here is the latest from Judy: Ok – here is the scoop – Both Senator Meyer and Rep. O’Neill discussed […]

From Judy Aron’s blog: Thanks to the support of State Senator Meyer and State Representative Anne Ruwet of the Select Committee on Children, the Parents Rights Bill proposed by Representative Arthur O’Neill has been raised in the Childrens Committee and will finally have a public hearing on Tuesday, February 19, 2008 at 9:00 a.m. in […]

The day began with a standing-room-only press conference on Rep. Art O’Neill’s homeschooling bill. It ended with all three of the bills FIC Action supports getting raised in committee. Our concepts on homeschooling, fatherlessness and a variation on parental notification were all raised for public hearing by the select committee on children. Raising these bills is just […]

Next week marks the start of the 2008 session of the Connecticut General Assembly—and anti-family lobbyists are already launching new attacks on faith and family! But their attacks are being met by a new force that has risen up in the last few years to fight for our values: Family Institute of Connecticut Action. Here […]

The Courant, to be sure, is not a monolithic entity. I noted in 2005 that there are “entire worlds-within-worlds of the Connecticut experience that readers of the Courant are not being exposed to,” but in recent months some Courant reporters have been trying hard to change that. On Monday the paper’s readers were introduced to one of those “worlds,” homeschooling, […]

There will be a protest by Connecticut homeschoolers at the legislative office building at 9 a.m. today. From the press release posted at Judy Aron’s blog: CONNECTICUT PARENTS SCHEDULE A PROTEST ON 06-28-07 AT THE STATE CAPITOL TO URGE GOVERNOR RELL TO HELP END ABUSIVE PRACTICES BY THE STATE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION (SDOE) AND DEPARTMENT […]

From the Hartford Advocate: Connecticut students must spend a minimum number of days in their classrooms each year, or face penalties ranging from failing grades to truancy charges. For kids with medical problems, meeting these attendance requirements can be a challenge. Some parents who have chosen to homeschool such children claim they’re being harassed for […]

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