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Neither FIC, nor FIC Action, nor FIC Action Committee had anything to do with an alleged push-poll which supposedly targeted Len Suzio’s opponent in the 13th Senate District’s Feb. 22nd special election. FIC Action Committee endorsed Suzio, a longtime  pro-life activist, in an email on January 18th and promoted his candidacy again in emails on […]

Opportunity Knocks!

Last week I had this to say about Gov. Malloy and abortion: He did have some pro-life support in the last election–thanks to an opponent who refused to protect the unborn at any stage–and this gives him the opportunity to reach across the usual divide on this issue. We hope he takes it. In a […]

I’m just back from the annual Roe v. Wade pro-abortion press conference at the state Capitol (which seemed to attract one member of the press). Some quick reactions: We should note with appreciation  that Governor Malloy chose not to come. He sent a supportive statement, his lieutenant governor (and many other constitutional officers) were there, […]

Family Institute of Connecticut fully endorses the statement of my esteemed predecessor, Brian Brown, on the AZ shootings and the SSM debate: Gay-marriage advocates and I have deep, real and important moral disagreements about the nature, meaning and purpose of marriage (and sex and gender, most likely!). If the expression of these views makes anyone […]