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“Wait Training” is a company presenting “dynamic training workshops that will equip and empower you to mobilize your community and teach your teens the skills to avoid drugs, alcohol, early sexual debut and other high risk behaviors.” The workshops will be held Friday, May 5 and Saturday May 6 from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM […]

FIC is proud to partner with the New Canaan Society, the New Canaan Women’s Fellowship and other area churches and Christian organizations in sponsoring the most important marriage event to come to Fairfield County.  Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, author of the award-winning book Love and Respect, and his wife Sarah will be giving their two-day seminar […]

A rally celebrating the Founders’ true understanding of church/state relations–and decrying secularist distortions of that understanding–went off without a hitch Tuesday: [John] Gedney [of Christian Motorcycles Association] was one of more than 100 people who attended a rally Tuesday organized by Minutemen United, an Ohio-based Christian group that promotes religious liberties and believes that the […]

The ethics office has said that those responsible for disbursing 100 million taxpayer dollars to clone-and-kill human embryos should not have a conflict of interest: Connecticut stem cell scientists eager to apply for $20 million in state funding will have to wait – at least until the state legislature addresses ethical concerns about the makeup […]

It was nice of the Courant to run a few positive items about faith on Easter Sunday. But it would have had more meaning if the paper had not editorialized in favor of the destruction of religious freedom in Connecticut the next day.  On Feb. 23, the Courant’s editors had this to say about legislative […]

A group of faithful Christians organizing a rally for religious freedom in Danbury were the victims of a vicious hoax last week perpetrated by a liberal secularist who was opposed to the rally. The event, which was nearly derailed by one man’s lies, is back on for tomorrow, April 18. We invite every pro-family citizen […]

A story in yesterday’s News-Times claiming that three busloads of neo-Nazis were planning to crash a religious rally in Danbury provoked the usual anti-Christian smears from liberals. But there was one problem: it was a liberal hoax.  The paper ran the headline “Neo-Nazis say they’re coming to Danbury” right above a picture of our friend […]


Every Christmas the secularists tell us not to mention “Christmas” in public and every Easter they tell us our beliefs are lies. Lent, 2006 has been no different. This year’s attack began a few weeks ago with the climatologist who claimed that Jesus did not walk on water but on a block of ice. Then […]

My pro-family quote in an Apr. 1 Courant story provoked a letter-to-the-editor today by someone claiming the U.S. Constitution requires same-sex “marriage.” Justice Scalia dismissed such nonsense in his UConn Law appearance yesterday: Touching on some of the most recent controversial Supreme Court cases, the 70-year-old jurist expanded on his view that the U.S. Constitution […]

Why do pro-abortion legislators keep trying to force Catholic hospitals to provide chemical abortions and what is truly at stake in this battle? The answer involves more than abortion and religious freedom, as Chris Powell notes in his April 8 JI column: The big question is the degree of state control that should come with […]

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