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Today’s New London Day has a story about two town clerks who have withdrawn their motion to intervene in Kerrigan vs. State of Conn., the case brought by activists seeking to force a judicial imposition of same-sex “marriage” on Connecticut. Those who make it to the last sentence of the story will read this: The […]

In yesterday’s Courant, David Lightman uncritically reports Congressman Chris Shays’ view that social conservatism is politically “deadly” in the Northeast. In typical fashion, what Lightman does not report is Shays’ relationship with an organization that is literally deadly: Planned Parenthood. From Lightman’s Courant story: The social issues [President Bush] has championed to great success elsewhere […]

Senator Lieberman, having caved into pressure from the extreme Left, said yesterday that he will vote against confirming Judge Alito to the Supreme Court. Waiting until late in the process to announce his vote and initially putting the word out through an aide, Sen. Lieberman is apparently not proud of his decision–nor should he be. […]

Poor Carole Bass! Her first anti-porn piece caused the New Haven Advocate to downgrade her column and for her second one she must now suffer the indignity of being praised by us. What’s a self-respecting progressive alt-weekly journalist to do?  Bass’ earlier piece celebrating the successful eviction by Bishop Jay Ramirez of a Milford porn […]

Two pro-family heroes whom we hold in great esteem here at FIC are the subjects of new biographies. One of them, Fr. Michael J. McGivney, may become Connecticut’s first canonized saint: In the 19th century, a young parish priest at St. Mary’s Church in New Haven anguished over the problems that threatened the lives and […]

The U.S. Senate’s Judiciary Committee voted today by a party-line vote of 10 to 8 to report Judge Alito’s nomination favorably to the full Senate, which is set to begin debate tomorrow. Now is the time for every pro-family voter in Connecticut to make his or her voice heard! Connecticut’s anti-family elites are putting enormous […]

This informational bulletin from the Connecticut Catholic Conference was received at FIC’s office last week: The ACLU has launched a “Not In My State” campaign to pressure state governments to reject federal abstinence education funds. The State of Connecticut is one of those states. Looking at our State government’s poor record on promoting abstinence education, […]

The Courant’s lead editorial on Christmas Day chastised Bill O’Reilly and local radio host Brad Davis for defending Christmas against–in the paper’s estimation–an illusory war against the holiday. Given recent events in East Windsor, the editors owe O’Reilly and Davis an apology: EAST WINDSOR — Santa will be back in the schools next year. After […]


“The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision Tuesday to uphold Oregon’s right-to-die law likely will heat up Connecticut’s assisted suicide debate,” says a story in today’s Danbury News-Times. Yet another way in which Connecticut’s culture of death pushes forward. The story quotes three state legislators who favor this development (none who oppose it) and doctors on both […]

Last year the legislature and Gov. Rell passed a law committing $100 million of public funds to stem cell research, including embryonic stem cell research which involves the cloning and killing of human embryos. As we noted on this blog over a month ago, and as the Courant reports today, there is a big problem […]

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