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I read the Hartford Advocate mostly in the mid-90s, when I was a twenty-something UConn Law student living in West Hartford. It published some great work back then. There was “Connecticut Etiquette,” a piece that captured the time and place of my early adulthood better than anything I have ever read. And a hilarious April […]

Trinity College in Hartford is the third most expensive private school in the country: an education here carries a nearly $50,000-a-year price tag. For that kind of money, parents of prospective students could probably be forgiven for thinking that a school founded in the 1800s by an Episcopal bishop, with an official motto “For Church and […]

Art is powerful. It has the potential to communicate with us at a subconscious, visceral level. Music was long considered to be an essential component of a well-rounded education, but the visual arts should not be discounted. If I seem to be preaching to the choir, consider that when school budgets are tight, art and music […]