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A blog run by former employees of the Hartford Courant is reporting that Susan Campbell, Rick Green and Helen Ubinas will no longer be columnists at the paper, but will continue on in the general assignment/analysts category. FIC has tangled with all three of them in the past. Susan Campbell, in particular, was our longest-running […]

The Hartford Courant has a good piece today on how far the CT GOP has come since its liberal nadir in 2005. My quick reactions: Democrats blame total GOP opposition to the Bathroom Bill on…the Tea Party? Is it because: a) they fear the Tea Party more or b) they think the Tea Party is […]

The same party that passed the radical Bathroom Bill–which was opposed by several Democrats and every Republican–is now denouncing others as “extremist.” Read all about it here.

FIC Action response to the passage of Connecticut’s Bathroom Bill can be found here.