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The elites told the Christian reformers that they should keep their religion within their churches.  The powers that be claimed that they had a “right” to do exactly as they were doing, and who were the reformers to take that “right” away?  Political leaders said that the reformers were unrealistic and impractical, […]

Predictably, the Family Institute will be engaging in some live-action trolling, showing up to try and get into the paper by taking advantage of Love Makes a Family’s quality advance work. If FIC showed up alone, the only need reporters would have to attend would be to document Lou DeLuca’s antics: the report would otherwise […]

Super Important to Cover on Blogs (0.00 / 0) With the dueling rallies, I guarantee that the evening news will play video that makes it look as if the numbers in attendance at both are roughly equal. Anyone who can (my work/school schedule is tighter than my budget guys, sorry) should take a wide shot […]

Joke of a Poll

Last week’s Granny thread led to some serious back-and-forth on the recent Quinnipiac poll and nonbinding referendums. The poll stacked the deck by bundling civil unions and same-sex “marriage” in the same question instead of asking a question just on same-sex “marriage.” And even with this bias the poll shows a majority opposing same-sex “marriage.” (I discussed […]

As long as I’m commenting on series currently running in the Courant I should mention the one they’ve been running on marriage since Valentine’s Day. Given that the paper’s Life section once ran a “how to” guide to adultery on Valentine’s Day, one can understand why we were expecting the worst. Happily, those expectations have […]

“The Human Egg Market”

…is the front page teaser for an article in today’s Courant: As more older moms look for help getting pregnant, younger women have become increasingly willing to part with their eggs. Some do it to help relatives and friends, or from a sense of altruism, but others openly acknowledge money is a big factor in […]

The Connecticut Catholic Conference sent out an e-mail alert Friday discussing its positions on a half dozen legislative issues. The section on Plan B includes a link to the Catholic Hospital Emergency Rape Victim Protocol discussed earlier on FIC Blog: RELIGIOUS LIBERTY  THREATENED BY EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTION (PLAN B) LEGISLATION Senate Bill 685, “An Act Concerning […]

Today’s Rep-Am editorial is worth posting in full: In 2005, Gov. M. Jodi Rell and the legislature dismissed significant moral and ethical issues when they committed $100 million over 10 years — most of it from the state’s share of the national tobacco settlement — for embryonic-stem-cell research. At the time, Gov. Rell said she […]

It’s February in Connecticut, with all the usual signs to prove it: snow on the ground, kids home from school, and Courant columnist Susan Campbell raging against “bigots” who stand athwart her crusade to erode the meaning of marriage. We’re accustomed to Campbell’s usual fallacies: pretending 1) that same-sex “marriage” has legal portability when it […]

At least the snow spared us another Valentine’s Day gimmick. A little over an hour ago the Judicary Committee raised as a “concept bill” the same-sex “marriage” bill, a bill recognizing out-of-state same-sex unions and other bills that will conflict with religious liberty. Ironically, I was live with Dan Lovallo predicting the committee chairmen would […]

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