…is Blessed Among Men by a Catholic homeschooling mom of five young boys.

On Crosshairs we keep readers informed on the fight for the family in Connecticut’s culture and politics. But what are Connecticut’s pro-family citizens up to when they’re not engaged in the sort of activities that make headlines? What is it like to live a life of traditional Christian faith in “deep blue” Connecticut?

For all the talk from the MSM and others on how there are supposedly so few religious conservatives in Connecticut—or that we’re “bigots”—I know there is a genuine curiosity about who we are, where we came from and what we’re about. That’s why in my Oct 11th blog I reiterated my call for the Courant to hire a social conservative columnist.

Those who do not share our beliefs but are curious about us should read Suzanne Temple’s blog. It is a window into a world that the Courant won’t tell you about—a world inhabited by more of your fellow state residents than you might think.

The rest of us should read Suzanne’s blog, too, to remember what it is we’re fighting for. You will be delighted and surprised by the familiar made new at the hands of a great local writer. That was certainly my experience when I logged on today and read Suzanne’s meditation on the church where my family and I worship.

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