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Toward a Troll-Free FIC Blog

Doug’s comment in a previous thread is so good it deserves a post of its own: Peter, I greatly respect both you (and Brian when he previously ran this blog) for being lenient and not censoring the bilge from the dialouge, or for that matter, not separating the chaffe from the wheat, and I understand […]

I’ve noted before the case of the 15 year-old West Hartford runaway who appears to have been the victim of a statutory rape that went unreported by Planned Parenthood (where she went for her abortion). The incident is a sad reminder that Connecticut is one of only six states that has yet to pass a […]

I’m actually surprised they [FIC] haven’t made an attempt to debunk the Courant’s poll on politics and religion. –“CGG” at CT Local Politics I hate to disappoint our fans at CT Local Politics, so let’s take a look at what CGG is talking about:  Connecticut voters want God off the campaign trail, out of the voting […]

Why do we have Democrat supermajorities in both houses of our legislature? In part, because state GOP leaders seem intent on snubbing social conservatives: The legislature’s top two Republicans, state Sen. John McKinney and state Rep. Lawrence Cafero, will spearhead efforts in Connecticut to promote former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani to the White House… McKinney said he […]

“State’s Stem Cell Policy Begins To Pay Off,” says the headline on the front page of yesterday’s Courant. The “policy” referred to here is the 2005 law committing $100 million of taxpayer funds mostly to embryo-destroying research. “So what’s this ‘pay off’ that’s now begun?” you ask. “Has there been some sort of medical breakthrough? Is […]

Pro same-sex “marriage” activists are all about peace, love, tolerance and diversity…until you resist them. Then they want the heavy hand of government to impose their supposed “tolerance” on you. I’ve already noted the lesbian couple who sparked a government investigation of a New Jersey church for refusing to allow their civil union ceremony at its pavillion. Now […]

The trick is, gay leaders and pundits must stop watering the issue down–“this is simply about equality for gay couples”–and offer same-sex marriage for what it is: an opportunity to reconstruct a traditonally homophobic institution by bringing it to our more equitable queer value system. Sure, marriage would ensure our inheritance rights, child-bearing rights, visitation […]

State Victim Advocate James Papillo’s term of office ends this month and the Courant confirms that he “probably would not have been reappointed even if he had wanted to stay.” From the Courant story: Papillo’s outspokenness on one issue, in particular, gained him negative attention from many who felt that he had overstepped his bounds […]

Connecticut’s pro same-sex “marriage” activists say forcing churches to approve their “weddings” is not one of their goals. But we have already seen one lesbian couple in Canada sue the Knights of Columbus for refusing to host their “wedding” reception. And now another lesbian couple in New Jersey has sparked a government investigation of a […]