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The Courant did run a correction last Saturday on its botched story  falsely reporting that FIC had asked DCF to remove website links to “churches that welcome gays.” And then they botched the correction, saying that the article incorrectly stated that FIC sought the removal of gay-friendly “religious organizations,” rather than “churches.” On Sunday, the paper ran […]

So the Courant writes this story saying that FIC made DCF remove website links to “churches that welcome gays” and you can guess what happened next. Colin McEnroe’s already out of the gate with his usual combination of debating points (does Faithworks violate the First Amendment?) and smarminess (FIC’s the “Washington Nationals” of political activism, even though […]

Just For the Record

It’s a question we get every so often: Do the blog posts and comments on FIC Blog represent official FIC policy? To be sure, the question is generated in part by selective quoting of this site by those left-wing bloggers whose relationship to the truth is, at best, complicated. But perhaps some clarity is in […]