Chris Bigelow, a liberal of the “nobody here but us moderates” school, says this on his CT Local Politics blog Wednesday:

We have civil unions already, and only the extremists at the Family Institute seem to care.

And an anonymous commentator on his thread chimes in:

Its amazing, this has not come up as an issue anywhere in CT. What do you think the next QPoll on gay marriage opinion in CT will be?

They are responding to the recent New Jersey Supreme Court ruling ordering that state’s legislature to legalize same-sex “marriage” or its equivalent in the next 180 days:

Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, called the ruling “a plus” on the premise it would stir up resentment of “arrogant judges” and boost conservative election prospects.
Brian Brown, executive director of the Family Institute of Connecticut, called the ruling another example of “activist courts trying to redefine marriage.”

But if Bigelow and “anonymous” are right about same-sex “marriage”/civil unions not being an issue, why are the left-wing moonbats so terrified of our endorsements list?:

If you though right-wing, Taliban-like, homophobic, anti-woman hate groups were confined to wacky places like Kansas and Idaho, think again. They are right here in Connecticut and they are making a concerted effort to target Connecticut State Senate and Assembly districts in the upcoming election…

But this [Gregg Hannan] is only the most visible race. The Family Institutre has targeted 12 Senate races and 52 — 52! — House races. Most of their endorsed candidates are Republicans, as you might expect, but they list the following Dems in the Assembly as believers in their far-right agenda:

So concerned are the leftists that the first blog, excerpted above, was soon followed by a how-to guide, “Fighting CT’s Homophobic Right: A Candidate Guide.”

The candidate guide below suggests how you can take on the FIC locally… As one means of prioritizing these election contests, I have  matched up the two lists, and identified candidates who have been endorsed by LMF and have opponents endorsed by FIC.  If you want to go head-to-head with the worst elements of the cultural right, these are are some excellent opportunities. 

The two blogs attacking our endorsements list are so chock full of the far Left’s linguistic tics that they make for unintentionally hilarious reading.

Nevertheless, both sides—the moonbatty Left and pro-family voters—are engaged in a central fact of this year’s campaign that the mainstream media and others choose to ignore: issues of faith, family, the definition of marriage and the sanctity of human life will be a major factor in Connecticut on Election Day.

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