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Family Institute of Connecticut promised to make the defeat of assisted suicide our top priority in 2013…and we delivered. FIC and our allies dealt the assisted suicide bill such a crushing defeat that our success may serve as a model for stopping assisted suicide in other states. That model, unfortunately, was not in time to […]

Yes, I was there. I arrived just in time to share an elevator with Linda McMahon. Awkward. But let’s talk about Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s speech to the CT GOP and what it means for the Republican Party. Scott Walker told the CT GOP last night that it could win by “empowering people to take […]

The best social conservative talk radio host in Connecticut is a man who once performed a lesbian “wedding” underneath a Family Institute of Connecticut billboard. His name is Vinnie Penn and his journey from there to here tells us something about the current state of talk radio in Connecticut—and the future of the pro-family fight. […]

  St. Joseph’s College Betrays Pro-Lifers, Again The Food and Drug Administration has announced that it will allow the Morning After Pill–the potentially abortifacient Plan B drug–to be sold over-the-counter without a prescription to 15 year old girls. Family Institute of Connecticut is quoted in The Hartford Courant today against the decision: “It’s put the […]