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Mozilla Madness

Yet another same-sex “marriage”-related boycott is in the news. To be clear up front, I’m down with boycotts, conceptually; however, I’m happy to offer my cynical observations on particular boycotts and their apparent motivation. For instance: New York City mayor DeBlasio’s refusal to attend the St. Patrick’s Day parade because the organizers of that privately-run […]

For further evidence – if any were needed – of who is truly politically disenfranchised in the state of Connecticut, check this out: In the world of four out of five of our delegates, goofy poses (Chris Murphy coming toward me with a fist and a roll of duct tape is something I hope to […]

If you were one of the many constituents who travelled to Washington DC last month but couldn’t meet with your congressperson because they were in a “very important meeting”, please know your disappointment was not in vain. You see, we’ve had same-sex “marriage” in Connecticut since November 2008, but our fair elected officials have no, […]

Gov. Malloy’s State of the State speech today was heavy on election year-friendly policies. No gratuitous shout-out to same-sex “marriage”, as in 2011. No reference to assisted suicide, even though Speaker Sharkey said it will get a hearing and it is flagged as one of three key issues for the 2014 session on The Courant’s […]

That’s a big word, obeisance. But considering the synonyms are “respect, homage, worship, adoration, reverence, veneration, honor, submission, deference” we cannot imagine a word that better describes the stance of Connecticut’s top politicians to same-sex “marriage.” It it almost comical. On the Left, loud and open support for same-sex “marriage” is now a must for […]

FIC said all along that people have the right to live however they choose but they do not have the right to redefine marriage for all of society. So the news that Hartford and New Haven “were among the top cities for LGBT people to live and work” would not be news to us…were it not […]

Trinity College in Hartford is the third most expensive private school in the country: an education here carries a nearly $50,000-a-year price tag. For that kind of money, parents of prospective students could probably be forgiven for thinking that a school founded in the 1800s by an Episcopal bishop, with an official motto “For Church and […]

From our friend Chris O’Brien, Connecticut Right to Life’s Vice-President for Legislative Affairs: Every year conservatives are told that Connecticut voters are not conservative. They say that voters here are pro-choice, liberal, and support the current regimes in office. As a result, we have constantly had candidate after candidate trotted before us in the polls […]

CT Mirror is reporting that “The new voice of labor in Connecticut is female and gay.” Lori Pelletier, a lesbian, is expected to be the first new leader of the state chapter of the AFL-CIO in twenty-five years. Interviewed about her impending election, Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro said: ..labor needs to reach beyond the traditional borders […]

Family Institute of Connecticut is hearing from both concerned friends and gleeful foes over comments by Pope Francis that are being spun in the media as “Pope wants Catholics to abandon the fight against abortion and same-sex ‘marriage.’”  In fact, that is not what the Pope said. In a 12,000 word interview that touches briefly […]

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