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Maggie Karner addresses the East Coast Conference Against Assisted Suicide (photo by Ellen Kolb).   I suppose you could say that Brittany Maynard and I became the overnight internet brain cancer poster children on either side of the assisted suicide debate.   Within a few days of writing an opinion article for The Federalist and The Hartford Courant opposing […]

[Pastor Rick McKinniss is the Senior Leader of Wellspring Church in Berlin, CT ~ PW] The 4th of July is being threatened these days by an odd sort of “military coup”. In recent years I have witnessed a shift in how our national holiday of independence is framed in public celebrations. Instead of hearkening to […]

Join the March for Marriage in our nation’s capital On March 26th the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on the question of same-sex “marriage” and the right of Americans to protect marriage will be decided. We believe it is imperative that political leaders, the media, and the culture see that we care about protecting […]

Andrew McDonald, who led the legislative effort in 2009 to strip Catholic bishops and priests of authority over their own parishes–a move widely believed to be payback for the Church’s opposition to same-sex “marriage”–and in 2011, as Governor Malloy’s legal counsel, pushed through the transgender law that allows men in women’s bathrooms (the only bill […]

For the first time in eight years at the Family Institute of Connecticut I have been invited to give a public speech in Manchester, the town where I was born and raised. That speech will happen tonight, June 19th, at 7:30 pm at St. Bartholomew Church, 736 East Middle Turnpike. From St. Bart’s website: June […]

FIC Action Committee endorses Mark Boughton in the Republican primary for Lt. Governor. Boughton’s opponent, Lisa Wilson-Foley, is a self-described “social liberal” who has proudly proclaimed her support for abortion on demand at Republican Town Committee meetings. Mark Boughton supports our values. He supports the passing of a parental notification law and a ban on […]

(This is an account by my wife, Leslie, of what we experienced at NOM-Rhode Island’s pro-marriage rally in Providence this past Sunday. –PW) [UPDATE: You can see NOM’s video showing some of what Leslie describes here.] Did you ever see that scene in one of the Narnia movies, where a battle is about to start […]

You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war. —WILLIAM RANDOLPH HEARST Connecticut’s anti-family power brokers are at it again. In today’s Hartford Courant, Rick Green has penned a column filled with fabrications and distortions about FIC’s role in persuading Enfield to fight the ACLU. Rick Green thinks he has exposed a secret conspiracy between […]

It was a staple of Colin McEnroe’s former radio program. Whenever my predecessor, Brian Brown, was mentioned, Colin would say he wanted to marry him. I had forgotten his old joke until I came across this totally-bizarre-coming-out-of-nowhere-swipe at FIC in a Sunday Courant column by Colin on a topic totally unrelated to us: the Yankee Public Policy […]

From Alliance Defense Fund: Alliance Defense Fund attorneys and city of Hartford officials have agreed to a settlement that will ensure the protection of citizens’ free speech rights in public areas.  Hartford officials agreed to a permanent injunction against the use of a “breach of peace” statute and a “public disturbance” statute to infringe on […]

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