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The U.S. Supreme Court today ruled that pro-life Americans do not lose their First Amendment right to religious liberty when they open a family business. Though it will take some time to digest everything in the decision–which does not address similar issues facing religious nonprofits–this ruling is a big win for religious liberty. The Health […]

NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut is “whining up a storm on Twitter” over the U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down Massachusetts’ buffer zone law, as FIC’s Nicole Stacy has reported. But the state’s pro-abortion lobby is revising its own history when it comes to buffer zones in Connecticut. The facts were accurately reported at the time in […]

Pro-lifers around the country have reason to celebrate today…and NARAL and Planned Parenthood are taking it on the chin. The Hartford Courant, by way of the Chicago Tribune, has the breaking story: The Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that a Massachusetts buffer zone of 35 feet that includes sidewalks and public walkways outside abortion clinics […]

FIC has enthusiastically supported the Fortnight for Freedom every year since the federal government decided it would force people of faith to subsidize abortifacient drugs through their businesses. This year we face the prospect of an imminent Supreme Court ruling, the first one on this issue. I know the suspense grows with every passing day […]

It’s long overdue. We know. But it’s coming. FIC’s website will be overhauled before the end of this, our 25th anniversary, year. The present website is, in internet terms, ancient. It was last upgraded in 2006 and much of what is on it is still from that era. The new website will be simpler, easier […]

In early 2004 I was afire with election fever. There was an excitement in the air for Republicans that I have not experienced since, even in 2010. It was my freshman year of college, and partisan politics divided roommate against roommate — though usually in a spirit of sportsmanship and good humor, such as when […]

Father’s Day is here again, and once again we are prompted to reflect on the mysteries and glories of the inseverable bond between a father and his child. This past week or so, the web has been full of tributes that are difficult to top, such as Buzzfeed’s moving pictorial of dads meeting their newborn […]

In the furor that resulted, rightly, from LiveAction’s revelation that a Planned Parenthood staffer gave what she thought was a 15-year-old girl a graphic personal endorsement of sadomasochism, it is understandable that some good news about high school students’ habits may have been overlooked. The results of the CDC’s 2013 Youth Risk Behavior Survey are […]

There, There Sandra Voters Prefer Man With Less Notoriety Like El NiƱo, I’m sure this can be blamed on the War on Women: Though she still advances to the final round, Sandra Fluke, the best known of all candidates for California’s 26th State Senate district, placed second to school board member Ben Allen. Allen’s website […]

What’s the one election so important, according to Chris Murphy, that — although it is taking place on the other side of the country — he simply cannot resist getting involved? Who is this up-and-coming public servant of such rare caliber? Oy vey. I doubt anyone has forgotten, but just in case: it’s the woman […]

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