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It’s long overdue. We know. But it’s coming. FIC’s website will be overhauled before the end of this, our 25th anniversary, year. The present website is, in internet terms, ancient. It was last upgraded in 2006 and much of what is on it is still from that era. The new website will be simpler, easier […]

Updating FIC Blog

We’ve just updated the links at FIC Blog. Under “Opponents,” Love Makes a Family and Connecticut Local Politics have been out of business for some time and Spazeboy hasn’t posted since January. We’ve replaced them with local voices who share our interest in the intersection between family, faith and politics but from a worldview in […]

Just For the Record

It’s a question we get every so often: Do the blog posts and comments on FIC Blog represent official FIC policy? To be sure, the question is generated in part by selective quoting of this site by those left-wing bloggers whose relationship to the truth is, at best, complicated. But perhaps some clarity is in […]

Toward a Troll-Free FIC Blog

Doug’s comment in a previous thread is so good it deserves a post of its own: Peter, I greatly respect both you (and Brian when he previously ran this blog) for being lenient and not censoring the bilge from the dialouge, or for that matter, not separating the chaffe from the wheat, and I understand […]

Rules For Commenting

It’s been almost six months since we transitioned to a standard blog format, complete with comments, and we thank all of you for joining the conversation. As mentioned in a previous thread, we’ve taken a mostly hands-off approach to moderating comments because we want to encourage as vigorous a debate as possible. Some of our […]