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Philip Yancey, a best-selling evangelical Christian author and former editor of Christianity Today, will be speaking at Walnut Hill Community Church’s Bethel campus tomorrow night (Friday) at 7 pm, Saturday at 5 pm and will also speak at Walnut Hill’s services this Sunday. Yancey, according to Walnut Hill, “will answer the question he posed in […]

On behalf of the Family Institute of Connecticut–and my own family–I want to wish a most blessed Christmas to all of FIC’s members. It is your generous support–and divine providence–that sustains FIC in our fight for a more family-friendly Connecticut. 2012 is no ordinary Christmas for Connecticut, coming less than two weeks after innocent children […]

Newtown: Prayers Across the USA

This card from our friends at the New Jersey Family Policy Council arrived at Family Institute of Connecticut today. FIC is deeply grateful for all the love and prayer poured upon our beloved, heartbroken state citizens this past week.

Light is truly shining out of the darkness of the evil that tragically took place last Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary. Being a Newtown resident with personal attachments to those directly affected and a former alumnus of Sandy Hook Elementary, words cannot express the pain. But the actions that are taking place left and right […]

It Was My School

I don’t even know what to say. Things like this don’t happen in my quaint hometown. This isn’t supposed to happen to a school I prided myself on attending as a five year old 19 years ago. My heart is sinking. Friends and family I know are affected. We are all beside ourselves as we […]

Praying for Newtown

Words cannot describe the sadness we at the Family Institute of Connecticut feel upon hearing of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. According to the most recent news reports, twenty-seven people, including eighteen children between the ages of five and ten, have been killed. Please join us in praying for God’s […]