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FIC is proud to support SB 46, a bill currently before the Connecticut General Assembly that would create a child protection registry to help parents and schools stop unsolicited sexually oriented messages targeted at children’s e-mail, cellphones, pagers and faxes. A public hearing on the bill is scheduled for tomorrow, February 28. Your action today […]

The Supreme Courts of Massachusetts and Washington could be issuing rulings in the next week or two that might legalize same-sex “marriage” beyond Massachusetts–and cause the issue to become an even bigger factor in our national politics.  Those who think the redefining of marriage will stop with same-sex “marriage” should read Stanley Kurtz’s recent National […]

In an unusual convergence, the editorial pages of the liberal Hartford Courant and the conservative Waterbury Republican-American both came out today against attempts by the state’s pro-abortion establishment to force Catholic hospitals to provide the “morning-after” pill. From the Courant: Had Plan B been approved for sale without prescription, the state might not be opening […]

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case that could lead to a ruling that it is constitutionally permissible to ban partial-birth abortion. This is welcome news for those working and praying for a culture of life. FIC members, having helped secure both our Senators’ support for Chief Justice Roberts and Senator Lieberman’s opposition […]

Ideological purges of moderate Democrats are all the rage lately among the state party’s hard-Left. Hartford’s pro same-sex unions Mayor Eddie Perez is now leading one such purge against pro-family Rep. Minnie Gonzalez (D-Hartford): The shouting, coming one recent Friday from the Hartford Registrars of Voters office, was loud enough to clear the room. State […]

Connecticut has some of the most homeschool-friendly laws in the nation, but the state’s educational establishment is working to change that. In a recent e-mail, Attorney Deborah Stevenson, executive director of National Home Education Legal Defense (HNELD), provides information on the latest attack on parents’ rights to educate their children in our state and what […]

Attacks on the sanctity of life–some of them perpetrated by our own state government–were coming fast and furious in Connecticut this week. FIC received this e-mail alert from the CT Catholic Conference yesterday: Legislation Being Proposed in Public Health Committee Threatens Religious Freedom of Catholic Hospitals In Connecticut Yesterday, the Connecticut General Assembly’s Public Health […]

When FIC argued before Connecticut’s Supreme Court last week that the Court should grant our motion to intervene in Kerrigan, the case brought by parties seeking a judicial imposition of same-sex “marriage” on our state, the Attorney General’s office argued against it. Appearing the next day on a local radio program, Atty. Gen. Blumenthal said […]

This week marks a first annual week of celebration for the sacrament of marriage throughout the Catholic Church in Connecticut: This year, Catholic Celebration of Marriage Week (February 12-18) will be observed throughout Connecticut for the first time under the auspices of the Dioceses of Bridgeport and Norwich and the Archdiocese of Hartford. The week […]

To the surprise of no one, the state stem cell committee charged with disbursing $100 million of public funds has decided that preference should be given to scientists whose research will include the cloning and killing of human embryos: First dibs on $20 million in state stem cell funds should go to scientists working with […]

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