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On July 11th two FIC members testified against including elective abortion as an “essential health benefit” when ObamaCare goes into effect in Connecticut. You can read all about it on our July 12th email alert. FIC was not the only group fighting against the Connecticut Abortion Mandate. Nicole Peck, of Silent No More, was alerted […]

Pro-abortion Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro is not shy in lecturing others–even the Pope–in what she believes to be her superior knowledge of Catholic doctrine. Last week, she got a taste of her own medicine and she did not like it one bit. From our friend, Connecticut pro-life activist Kathy Upson: Hi friends, I just  went to […]

The Fortnight for Freedom is over but the Family Institute of Connecticut’s 2012 Religious Liberty Tour is just getting started. The Waterbury Republican-American today front-paged my letter to the editor as the “Opinion of the Day:” The July 3 article “Catholics denounce law,” on the Supreme Court upholding Obamacare, quotes Maria Zoe, director of communications […]

According to a proposed bill in California, Heather could have three mommies. Under the bill, SB 1476 would allow a child to have multiple parents. State Senator Mark Leno is behind the legislation, stating that “The bill brings California into the 21st Century.” Given the propensity of Connecticut’s state government to do the wrong thing […]

False Victimization

  It is quite unfortunate when those on one side of a political argument decide to fabricate stories in order to garner attention and cause others to believe in a falsehood. On May 2nd, Central Connecticut State University student Alexandra Pennell was arrested for an alleged ongoing scheme of deception. After issuing several reports to […]