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Isn’t it odd when politicians are willing to wear the label of a particular religion, for the sake of gaining support among voters, but then choose to turn their backs upon the principles of that very same religion? As reported in Sunday’s Connecticut Post, a group of 18 House Democrats led by Connecticut’s Rosa DeLauro […]

Brian Brown, FIC’s “blue state battler,” was profiled in a front page story in the May 6th National Catholic Register. An excerpt: Tell us about the harsh treatment you received testifying recently before the state Judiciary Committee on same-sex “marriage.” I’m a public figure, and am used to the way the Legislature works. That means […]

Is there a pro same-sex “marriage” commentator in Connecticut more confused than Susan Campbell? In her latest diatribe she says the “base argument” against same-sex “marriage” is tradition (a point explicitly refuted in Maggie Gallagher’s testimony before the Judiciary Committee), that pro-family activists “seem wont” to rely on scripture (ignoring several years worth of arguments by FIC based entirely […]

Cablevision’s News 12 Connecticut ran an one-day interactive poll of its subscribers on May 14, 2007. They simply asked: Should gay marriage be allowed in Connecticut? The results were: Yes (34%), No (66%)

Time for a pop quiz on America’s favorite curmudgeon, Andy Rooney. Which of the following quotes are genuinely attributable to him? A. “There is just no question that I, among others, have a liberal bias. I mean, I’m consistently liberal in my opinions.” B. “I am an atheist. I don’t understand religion at all.” C. […]

As we observe Mother’s Day this Sunday, each of us has an opportunity to be thankful for the gift of life, and to recognize and honor women who selflessly choose to nurture children. We are all blessed by that unique relationship between mother and child, for as the saying goes:  No gift to your mother […]

Pro-family forces have won the same-sex “marriage” legislative battle of 2007: Sen. Andrew McDonald, D-Stamford, and Rep. Mike Lawlor, D-East Haven, said Friday afternoon they do not intend to push for a vote on same-sex marriage this legislative session, saying the bill does not have enough votes to win… Opponents of the bill were cheered […]

Story broke moments ago. More soon. 

From yesterday’s CT Post: MILFORD — The Board of Aldermen was poised Monday night to replace the strict ordinance regulating adult businesses with even more stringent rules based on recent court decisions. No vote had been taken by press time, but the board’s ordiance committee approved the revisions after an hour-long public hearing that included […]

From today’s Rep-Am: About 100 people gathered outside Saint Mary’s Hospital on Sunday afternoon in a rally to protest a bill that would force the state’s four Catholic hospitals to make emergency contraception available to rape victims. The rally, organized by Connecticut Right for Life, was the only one in the state on Sunday. It […]

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