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Family Institute of Connecticut is pleased to announce that Stephen Mendelsohn, of Second Thoughts Connecticut, will be FIC’s 2014 Charles Stetson Awardee at our October 2nd 25th Anniversary Banquet. The award is given each year at our annual banquet to whomever has shown the most courage in pro-family battles over the previous 12 months. It […]

From our friends at Impact Connecticut: Greetings in Jesus’ Name, The 10 Days of Prayer! begins at Wellspring Church tonight at 7pm. A total of 19 gatherings will be happening all across Connecticut from Thursday, September 25th through Saturday, October 4th. A complete schedule of gatherings is available here. Plan to attend as many gatherings […]

Recipients of FIC’s email alerts know that I spoke last week at a Vigil for Persecuted Christians and other religious minorities. It is the first of many such events, and we invite all FIC members to join us at them. The Christian Genocide Rescue Alliance of CT is sponsoring another prayer rally outside the CT […]

Wesleyan University is, if you’re of a particular ideological persuasion, a cutting-edge campus. It’s where this reportedly lives: (Note: I haven’t personally verified this photo, but I believe the source.) Now, in the wake of what looks like an out-of-control situation with fraternities and sexual assault, Wesleyan’s decision is — get this — to force […]

Today is Family Day

The Archdiocese of Hartford wants you…to have dinner with your kids tonight. Family Day is an initiative of the Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University that highlights the importance of parental engagement for giving children the best chance to flourish in life — specifically, to reject the abuse of drugs and alcohol. […]

Tom Foley for Governor

Family Institute of Connecticut Action Committee endorses Tom Foley for Governor. This is the first time since our founding that we have ever endorsed a candidate for the state’s highest office. Tom Foley came to FIC Action Committee on June 12th and sat with us for an hour and a half, discussing pro-family issues. We […]