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Maggie Karner addresses the East Coast Conference Against Assisted Suicide (photo by Ellen Kolb).   I suppose you could say that Brittany Maynard and I became the overnight internet brain cancer poster children on either side of the assisted suicide debate.   Within a few days of writing an opinion article for The Federalist and The Hartford Courant opposing […]

The best lack all conviction, while the worst / Are full of passionate intensity. – Yeats (“The Second Coming”) I do not pretend to know what is really behind “pro-life” House Republicans’ sudden attack of scruples about the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, especially as sources call it identical or practically identical to a bill these same […]

The Hartford Courant digital edition has thrown pro-lifers a bone — an itty, bitty chicken wing bone. A search using the terms “March for Life” yielded six relevant hits (initially 64, but on closer examination, most had nothing to do with it) within a four-day period. During the same time frame, there were 26 stories […]

Hartford has landed near the bottom of American Bible Society’s latest ranking of most Bible-minded cities in the U.S.  New England is over-represented, in general. Anybody shocked? One could easily make a number of trite observations about why we are in the shape we’re in.  I will just indulge in this one: American Bible Society […]

Scrap the Hippocratic Oath?

An op-ed in The Hartford Courant today calls the Hippocratic Oath “more archaic than a washboard” and “a roughly 2,000-year-old text with only marginal relevance to medicine today.” It peeves almost every pet I have, with its appeal to ‘modernity’ and too much other shoddy logic. Editorials like these do violence to the rational minds of both […]

You just have to love the nation’s oldest continuously-published newspaper. Thanks to the AP, over 100 news outlets covered the highly successful, first-ever East Coast Conference Against Assisted Suicide which we co-sponsored. The Hartford Courant was not among them although the event was within 10 minutes of Broad Street headquarters. What is newsworthy, pray tell? […]

The Connecticut Catholic Conference released its annual report on abortion in Connecticut on December 31. I encourage all our readers to spend a few minutes familiarizing themselves with it, but here are some highlights: Good news: Abortion numbers are on a down-trend, overall. Room for improvement: In 2013 (the last year included) there were still […]

The 2015 legislative session began last week. This means “game on” for us, particularly since we anticipate another battle on assisted suicide. Now is a good time to remind Connecticut citizens — and those who would serve them in our Assembly — what tactics we could expect from opponents in the coming months. The assisted […]