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It’s famine to feast at FIC Action Committee when years ago an endorsement by a socially conservative, grassroots organization in Connecticut would have garnered little, if no attention – to now, where the mere mention or NOT of an endorsement on our blog is mewed, analyzed, closely watched and reported by Connecticut’s biggest and loudest political […]

(Below is a slightly edited version of yesterday’s FIC e-mail alert -PW) Second Circuit Denies Expedited Appeal When Enfield changed its mind last week and voted to appeal a temporary injunction against holding graduations at First Cathedral, FIC noted that according to The Courant, the BOE is still not seeking to move this month’s graduations […]

The Courant Ed Page is right when it says on its facebook that obvious bias is the Ed Page’s job. But there is a difference between the bias of advocating for a position and the bias of making misrepresentations–and The Courant’s bias on Enfield is very much the latter. We have already discussed why the […]

The Enfield Board of Education has rescinded a previous vote and will now appeal Judge Hall’s ruling barring graduations from being held at First Cathedral. FIC applauds last night’s vote and hopes that the BOE’s erratic behavior will not damage Enfield’s chances of winning the lawsuit. First Key Vote: April 13th BOE Member Judith Apruzzese-Desroches—who […]

Victory for the Vulnerable!

FIC is pleased by Judge Julia Aurigemma’s dismissal of a lawsuit seeking to legalize physician assisted suicide. The culture of death will likely seek other means to pursue their goal–and FIC will be there to oppose them. Below is the e-mail alert I sent out on the afternoon of Mar. 8th, which predicted Judge Aurigemma’s […]

We told you last week that we would have more to say about Courant columnist Rick Green’s lazy excuse for journalism. Late Friday night we posted a full response to Green on FIC Blog: Rick Green thinks he has exposed a secret conspiracy between FIC and Greg Stokes. Instead, he has exposed himself to be […]

You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war. —WILLIAM RANDOLPH HEARST Connecticut’s anti-family power brokers are at it again. In today’s Hartford Courant, Rick Green has penned a column filled with fabrications and distortions about FIC’s role in persuading Enfield to fight the ACLU. Rick Green thinks he has exposed a secret conspiracy between […]

(Below is the text of today’s FIC email alert. Two additional points: 1) This lawsuit is actually not over; Enfield’s vote was only to not appeal the judge’s ruling. 2) I will discuss what this means on the Dan Lovallo program today at 5 pm. – PW) Twenty-one years ago today a young man stood […]

U.S. District Judge Janet Hall has granted the ACLU’s motion to block Enfield’s June 23rd-24th graduation ceremonies from taking place at First Cathedral, saying it would violate the First Amendment. Enfield’s attorneys will seek an expedited appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in New York. Judge Hall wrote that […]