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Hartford has landed near the bottom of American Bible Society’s latest ranking of most Bible-minded cities in the U.S.  New England is over-represented, in general. Anybody shocked? One could easily make a number of trite observations about why we are in the shape we’re in.  I will just indulge in this one: American Bible Society […]

From our friends at Impact Connecticut: Greetings in Jesus’ Name, The 10 Days of Prayer! begins at Wellspring Church tonight at 7pm. A total of 19 gatherings will be happening all across Connecticut from Thursday, September 25th through Saturday, October 4th. A complete schedule of gatherings is available here. Plan to attend as many gatherings […]

WCCC Now K-Love

The following is a reflection by Drew Crandall, the proprietor of Jacob’s Well Christian Coffeehouse and a member of FIC’s Media Advisory Council, on a major development in Hartford’s media landscape. Dear Friends: Perhaps you heard the news over the weekend: as of 5 pm last Friday afternoon, classic rock radio stations WCCC-AM 1290 and […]

Regarding Rowland

I haven’t said anything about John Rowland this week because I felt like I already said it all here. Rowland leaving WTIC under a cloud of scandal does not harm conservatism (he was never much of a conservative) but it does harm the good done by his very-public conversion. I don’t mean his conversion from Catholic […]

Family Institute of Connecticut is hearing from both concerned friends and gleeful foes over comments by Pope Francis that are being spun in the media as “Pope wants Catholics to abandon the fight against abortion and same-sex ‘marriage.’”  In fact, that is not what the Pope said. In a 12,000 word interview that touches briefly […]

Our friends at Impact Connecticut, a successor organization to the Connecticut House of Prayer, are planning a 40 Days of Worship Initiative throughout our state’s churches in September and October: Beginning September 4 through October 14, we have planned 40+ unity gatherings for worship and prayer on 40 consecutive days at 40+ different locations all […]

[Note: It has not been FIC’s practice to re-post all of our email alerts to our members here on the blog. But the one below, from July 1st, has received a higher-than-normal response rate and so it was suggested that we post it. Please know how deeply grateful I am for all of your kind […]

“You must love Connecticut if you want to win Connecticut. You cannot win without love.” It is that time of year again. FIC’s Summer Fundraising Campaign has begun. Those of you who are on our email list know the details by which we can raise $60,000 by mid-summer to carry on the fight for life, […]

International events are understandably occupying the religious news headlines this week. But closer to home, flying under the radar, a very significant spiritual movement has been building here in Connecticut. It will reach a crescendo of sorts this Friday, February 22nd at First Cathedral in Bloomfield, with the appearance of acclaimed speaker Chuck Pierce. FIC […]

FIC has received the following message from several sources: The Sandy Hook Tragedy has left many feeling fearful and powerless. A host of Christian artists and speakers will be sharing God’s message of Hope & Healing on Tuesday, January 15, 2013, from 6:00-10:00 p.m. at the Webster Bank Arena, 600 Main Street, Bridgeport, CT 06604. […]

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