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Last October this blog pleaded with the Courant to break their Susan Campbell/Helen Ubinas-style liberal columnist monopoly by hiring a conservative. Instead, they gave us Rick Green. Green’s June 20th column appears to be one of those “targeted” articles designed to make the reader think that only the redefinition of marriage can save a same-sex […]

In a June 8th e-mail alert FIC spoke positively of Sen. Chris Dodd’s absence from the Marriage Protection Amendment (MPA) vote. And pro same-sex “marriage” activists are seeing red. Here is the relevant part of our e-mail: Prior to the vote, FIC delivered all of the pro-family petitions we received to Connecticut’s two U.S. Senators, […]

No, H.G. Wells’ novel has not come to life. But this wire story, first noticed by Connecticut Conservative, is cause for concern: On the sun-splashed Caribbean island of St. Kitts, Yale University researchers are injecting millions of human brain cells into the heads of monkeys afflicted with Parkinson’s disease… But the research is becoming increasingly […]

We’ve all heard of “limousine liberals.” It seems a fellow attending a recent event for Sen. Lieberman’s left wing primary challenger apparently belongs to a subset of that amusing category: One guy joked that he wanted to bring a sign reading Westville Jews for Lamont. Another drove away in a Mercedes plastered with the decals […]

NE, the Courant’s Sunday magazine, has run solid cover stories on FIC, Fr. McGivney’s cause for canonization, philanthropist John Hunt’s work with inner city youth and other worthy topics. So why do long-time Courant readers write NE off as shallow fluff? “Zingers” may provide part of the answer. Like similar features in other papers “Zingers” […]

The U.S. Episcopal Church’s General Convention begins this week. Today’s Courant has a piece on delegates from Connecticut, where the Church has been shaken by the pro same-sex “marriage” bishop’s take over of a pro-family parish: State Episcopalians are split over Connecticut Bishop Andrew Smith’s vote in support of the 2003 consecration of Robinson, the […]

There will be at least one more protest of the anti-Christian Da Vinci Code movie in Connecticut. Below is the information FIC has received from protest organizer Patricia Bascom: “Tradition, Family and Property” is organizing their final rally of reparation for the Da Vinci Code movie on Saturday, 6/24. I’d like to rent a bus […]

Two prominent pro same-sex “marriage” scholars attacked the Marriage Protection Amendment (MPA) yesterday in op-ed written for the Hartford Courant. Why publish it in a state whose entire Congressional delegation opposes the MPA? The real goal, it seems, is to soften up local opinion in advance of next year’s push to legalize full same-sex “marriage” […]

When last year’s stem cell bill was passed the public was told the new law would ban human cloning. The title of the law even said so. But that title was false: Scientists at Harvard University will join the international race to become the first to clone human embryos and obtain stem cells they say […]

The sponsors of the “Choose Life” license plate are not buckling under to pro-abortion censorship, according to the June 3rd Courant: A pro-adoption foundation that sponsors special “Choose Life” license plates on Connecticut cars says that it will file a federal lawsuit against the state if officials do not reinstate the group’s plates. More than […]

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