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On Mar. 22 the AP quoted my reaction to the apparent death of the bill forcing religious hospitals to provide chemical abortions: “The pro-abortion lobbyists are so hot for this bill,” Wolfgang said. “We expect them to bring it up for an amendment.” Sure enough: A measure that would require all hospitals to provide emergency […]

The Courant reports today on yet another United Church of Christ television ad designed to promote the UCC by smearing other churches: The 30-second spot shows a traditional middle-class family at church looking skeptically at worshippers in the next pew who appear to be gay, African American, elderly or Middle Eastern. Suddenly, ejector seats blast […]

In a further sign that pro same-sex “marriage” judges are beginning to grasp the havoc their arrogance has reaped on our nation’s politics, the same court that legalized same-sex “marriage” in Mass. has ruled against extending that decision to out-of-state couples: The court that made Massachusetts the first state to legalize gay marriage ruled Thursday […]

S.B. 46, an FIC-supported bill that would stop unsolicited sexually-oriented electronic messages targeting children, made it out of committee yesterday. In other good news, S.B. 699, a bill that would push Connecticut closer to the legalization of same-sex “marriage,” died in committee. Thank you to all of you who e-mailed your legislators on these bills. […]

My thanks to all of you who commented so kindly on my appearance yesterday on Fox 61’s “Beyond the Headlines.” I was a panelist during the segment on the “Plan B” bill, which would have forced Catholic hospitals to provide chemical abortions. Some of the best commentary on the death of that bill can be […]

Yesterday’s FIC Rally for Religious Freedom was a success, turning out a good number of people on a chilly weekday morning and earning some fair media coverage: About 50 supporters of the Family Institute of Connecticut rallied on the steps of the state Capitol on Wednesday, vowing to keep the pressure on state legislators to […]

The AP already has a story up on our rally, which is set to begin in less than an hour: Religious conservatives are hoping for more victories in this year’s legislative session, following the death of a bill this week that would have required Catholic hospitals to provide emergency contraception to rape victims. The Family […]

Despite the avalanche of pro-abortion propaganda in the Sunday Courant (see Don Pesci’s must-read blog) the bill forcing religious hospitals to provide chemical abortions “died in committee” yesterday, sparing pro-abortion lawmakers the embarrassment of a losing vote. While the death of that bill is a significant victory for pro-family and religious freedom advocates, a number […]

A bill designed to open the door for the legalization of same-sex “marriage” in Connecticut was referred to the Judiciary Committee this morning. S.B. 699, An Act Concerning Recognition of Foreign Contracts, would change state law to make same-sex “marriages” from foreign jurisdictions (Massachusetts, other countries) “not less than” the equivalent of same-sex civil unions […]

You’ve seen the headlines over this past month: A complaint of bias was filed against St. Mary’s Hospital simply because it will not recognize same-sex unions. A bill at our state legislature would force religious hospitals to provide an abortion-inducing drug. Lt. Gov. Kevin Sullivan has called for the resignation of Victim Advocate James Papillo […]

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