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The MA house of representatives has voted to repeal a law that helped prevent their supreme court from forcing same-sex “marriage” on the rest of the country. From today’s Courant: Opponents of gay marriage in Connecticut and Massachusetts denounced the House’s vote. Peter Wolfgang, executive director of the Family Institute of Connecticut, said the action […]

Campaign Pete wants FIC Blog’s readers to remember next Tuesday’s primaries. (FIC Action Committee will have more to say about them soon.) Excerpts from Pete’s comments in another thread: A bunch of primaries take place in two weeks, on August 12th involving Pro-Marriage candidates, including: (R) Witkos – Canton, State Senate (D) Mazurek – Wolcott, […]

Of course, it always had national attention…from same-sex “marriage” proponents. Tim Gill and other out-of-state “gay” multimillionaires have sent hundreds of thousands of dollars to Connecticut to help our opponents redefine marriage. But our pro-marriage allies have now taken an interest as well: While most of [the National Organization for Marriage’s] efforts between now and the November […]

Teen motherhood is rising for the first time in 15 years and the Courant’s sole libertarian columnist has had enough. Larry Cohen today stepped away from his usual fiscal concerns to speak some indelicate truths about virtue in Connecticut: The “abstinence” movement in its current form has somehow been transformed into something President Bush and […]

Below is a (slightly edited) e-mail we sent to our members yesterday. In just a few weeks same-sex couples from Connecticut may be getting “married” in Massachusetts, if our neighboring state repeals a law respecting the marriage definition of other states. In Connecticut, these “marriages” will have no effect. Thanks to the Family Institute of […]

“They’re Religious, Conservative and Young: Group Establishes Wing of Family Institute of Connecticut.” That’s the print-edition headline of today’s front page Hartford Courant article profiling iFIC. Below is the full text and photo, reprinted with the permission of The Courant.   Young Religious Conservatives Form Their Own Group By DANIELA ALTIMARI  Courant Staff Writer July […]