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On Monday, The New London Day ran this story about Connecticut College leading a suicide prevention effort that would put signs on a city bridge – similar to what has been done on prominent bridges in other states – and on campus. The signs would read “You are not alone” and include a hotline number. […]

We told you yesterday how Boster’s bloviating was the fruit of Herbst’s hectoring. Now, according to The Hartford Courant, the University of Connecticut has put out the following statement: Everyone has the right to exercise free speech on our campuses. At the same time, we expect our faculty to act in a way that promotes civil […]

Some headlines write themselves, but the first person to commit them to print goes down in legend. For instance, Mel Blanc’s epitaph: “That’s all, folks.” I wish I had been responsible for “UConn Professor Goes Ape.” That’s precisely what happened as UConn’s James Boster publicly disgraced himself, becoming flat-out belligerent toward an anti-evolution demonstrator. See […]

You may have missed the news Tuesday, University of Connecticut professor James Boster, a devout secularist, routed “heretics” on campus who questioned The Origin of Species as not being sola scriptura, and much “praise” was given to Darwin. . . literally. Regardless of who they were, this lack of respect toward dissenting views by staff […]

“He who slings mud generally loses ground.” – Adlai Stevenson I don’t need to go looking for outrage. Therefore, I am not a regular reader of Huffington Post. Because I’m on Facebook, outrage comes right to me. I am often chagrined, though not entirely surprised at what passes for a stunning, righteous exposé, when it […]

Mozilla Madness

Yet another same-sex “marriage”-related boycott is in the news. To be clear up front, I’m down with boycotts, conceptually; however, I’m happy to offer my cynical observations on particular boycotts and their apparent motivation. For instance: New York City mayor DeBlasio’s refusal to attend the St. Patrick’s Day parade because the organizers of that privately-run […]

Regarding Rowland

I haven’t said anything about John Rowland this week because I felt like I already said it all here. Rowland leaving WTIC under a cloud of scandal does not harm conservatism (he was never much of a conservative) but it does harm the good done by his very-public conversion. I don’t mean his conversion from Catholic […]