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Our local paper of record is all for “marriage”–if it involves people of the same sex. For the rest of us the Courant is happy to promote the “divorce party” trend: At her Las Vegas divorce party in November, actress Shanna Moakler drank vodka and enjoyed a three-tier cake in the Bellagio Hotel. The cake, […]

Another Connecticut nativity scene has been vandalized: STRATFORD — Stephen Mieczkowski spent nearly 40 hours over four days in early December building an 8-foot-high crche in front of the Knights of Columbus Hall on Main Street — an undertaking inspired by his late father, Joseph, who loved Christmas. But all that work was reduced to […]

That seemed to be the theme of the Courant’s holiday editions. In the Christmas Eve issue Bill Curry wistfully recalls a priest who told him that “Jesus wanted to be followed, not worshipped,” Colin McEnroe’s otherwise interesting column on his deceased parents ends by noting that “on Christmas Day, I seek not the baby, but [my] father and […]

Don Pesci on Signs of Christmas

Don Pesci recently attended a performance of Bach’s The Magnificat. The result is the best 2006 Christmas meditation to appear anywhere in CT media, either MSM or the blogs (he even warmed my heart by quoting from the RSV translation of scripture).   FIC wishes all of you a blessed and Merry Christmas! Thank you for […]

Coming off Hartford’s Capitol Ave. exit a half hour ago my fellow commuters and I were greeted by protesters on all four sides of the road pleading for an end to the genocide in Darfur, a region in the African nation of Sudan. It’s a cause that people all across the political spectrum ought to be […]

Below is an article I wrote for the Dec. 3rd issue of the National Catholic Register: What a difference two years make. At the end of 2004, many pro-lifers were elated by national trends indicating that the future belonged to us. “Values voters” had just provided a pro-life president with the crucial margin of victory […]

The Heritage Foundation has just posted its December “Top Ten Findings” on family, religion, and adolescent well-being.  Turns out that teens from families with frequent religious attendance do better on several measures than those from non-observant families.  Of course, many of you believed that already.  Here are the details: 1.  Teens from intact families with […]

This morning’s Courant includes some pleasant surprises. One is a front page above-the-fold piece on former Gov. John Rowland’s speech to students at the Master’s school in Simsbury: Rowland returned to the story of his long roller-coaster ride: elected to the state legislature at age 23, to Congress at 27 and to the governor’s office at […]

Roger Kimball has some examples.

I’ve been thinking about the problem with liberal bias in the news media.  From reading the Courant, one would think that it has made an overt decision to staff itself with liberals.  Is that indeed part of the job description?  “Liberals only need apply”?  Or are there other reasons for its lack of ideological diversity? […]

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