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The pro-life movement’s #1 legislative goal in Connecticut was accomplished earlier this month. And it happened because of the Family Institute of Connecticut. The Program Review and Investigations Committee has agreed to a study about teen health. The scope of the study will include parental notification for minor girls seeking to obtain an abortion. There […]

Judge confirmed despite objections to ruling BY PAUL HUGHES WATERBURY REPUBLICAN-AMERICAN 03/17/2011 HARTFORD — State Rep. Alfred C. Adinolfi suspects a spot on the Supreme Court is a “political reward” for Appellate Judge Lubbie Harper Jr. for voting to legalize same-sex marriage. Adinolfi, R-Cheshire, was among 20 representatives and senators who voted against Harper’s appointment […]

Last week we told you that confirmation votes like Judge Lubbie Harper’s “are usually rubber-stamp affairs” and that “even a higher-than-normal ‘no’ vote on Harper’s confirmation” would send a message. That is what FIC Action just accomplished today. As expected, Judge Harper was confirmed by the legislature. But a careful observer can gauge the progress […]