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Sure, he’s down 33 points in the latest poll. But being attacked by a major candidate for governor is still worth a mention: DeStefano criticized Rell for supporting Republican candidates for the state legislature who are backed by the Family Institute of Connecticut. This occurred during an announcement that DeStefano, a Catholic, won Love Makes […]

In a post entitled “What Divides Us,” our even-tempered friends at Connecticut Local Politics are working hard to bridge divisions: Until Karl Rove, George Bush, and abominations like the “Family Institute of CT” go away, thinking people like me will remain, by default, an “overly partisan” opposition. Well, ok, maybe not. But I am struck, […]


Connecticut’s Supreme Court recently denied FIC’s motion to intervene in the Kerrigan lawsuit. Today’s Larry Cohen Rep-Am column on it is a must-read. It’s not available online, but here is an excerpt: The institute, an advocacy group for the state’s merry little band of “social conservatives,” was attempting to help fend off a challenge from […]

Many of you are e-mailing us about this: Michael Bradway, 38, of Cornwall, was arraigned Thursday on charges of child abuse and larceny. He’s accused in an elaborate scam that convinced dozens of people that his young son had cystic fibrosis… Bradway, kept the boy thin and fabricated medical bills, fooling his estranged wife and […]

 Many thanks to Rep. Michael Lawlor, legislative leader of the pro same-sex “marriage” movement, for the free advertising he gives to FIC Action Committee in today’s New Haven Register: “As you’ll recall from the last campaign, Dan got virtually all of his money from out of town — thousands and thousands of dollars from just […]

 “The Christian Taliban Rallies to Hannan’s Defense” cries the lefty blog I linked to last week: When a extremist fundamentalist outfit like Family Institute of Connecticut calls you “moonbatty,” you know you’re doing something right… Meantime, FIC has scrupulously scrubbed its web site of Hannon’s wacky anti-woman, anti-gay rhetoric. Typical of the genre, our poor […]

Speaking of campaigns, a few recent blog items touch directly on FIC Action Committee. Doug Wrenn has a good piece up on Radio Free West Hartford about pro same-sex “marriage” Rep. Michael Lawlor’s Republican opponent: Family and traditional values will be represented and defended with the candidacy of Republican Dan McCann for the 99th Assembly […]

Gov. Rell’s refusal to force Catholic hospitals to provide chemical abortions has led a leading pro-abortion group to endorse her opponent: On Friday, the group endorsed New Haven Mayor John DeStefano after expressing disappointment in Rell and her running mate, former state Rep. Michael Fedele of Stamford. In one of the most controversial issues at […]

Nick Uva posted a thoughtful response the other day to my inclusion of Pray Connecticut in a list of local conservative blogs: Obviously we have a generally conservative tone but if we really are an important forum for the state’s Evangelical Christians (as we were generously described) we need to be conservative where the Gospel […]

The Courant gives over nearly its entire Life section today to a celebration of gay activism, in the process demonstrating how tone-deaf they are to the concerns of most of their readers: Connecticut now has laws that protect against hate crimes and discrimination based on sexual orientation and last year passed a law allowing civil […]

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