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Despite—or because of—yesterday’s Courant article reporting that David Zoni took $4,000 from Love Makes a Family (a fact first brought to light by us), Zoni is now claiming that he has not “committed” to voting for same-sex “marriage: Zoni also received…$2,000 from Love Makes a Family, a gay rights organization. Zoni, however, made no commitment […]

And it’s further proof that the New Haven Advocate got it backwards. Pro-family candidates defend their positions and pro same-sex “marriage” candidates run from theirs: Caligiuri used a question about civil unions and gay marriage to stress the differences between him and Zoni. Caliguri said he opposed civil unions and gay marriage and focused on […]

Things are hopping on the campaign trail, which is why the items below won’t get the attention I’d like to give them. But readers of this blog should be caught up on a few recent news items. If you’re wondering why the Courant isn’t covering the news-worthy events in your churches, neighborhoods and schools, it’s […]

Courant columnist Susan Campbell had a Sunday piece praising the induction of a pro same-sex “marriage” leader into the Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame. An excerpt: [Anne Stanback] has testified before umpteen legislative committees and debated the most rabid opponents of marriage equality with equal aplomb… “Anne has gone down a particularly difficult path and […]

Maybe we should hire him to do our public relations: EAST HAVEN — State Rep. Michael P. Lawlor, D-East Haven, accused his Republican opponent, Dan McCann, this week of reneging on a promise to cut ties with a Hartford-based group that opposes same-sex marriage. McCann, a 2nd District Town Council member, in turn accused Lawlor […]

I will be on a panel with host Shelly Sindland, the AP’s Susan Haigh and NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut’s executive director, Carolyn Treiss, to discuss women’s issues and the governor’s race. The show airs at 8:30 a.m. on channel 61 and again at 11 a.m. on channel 20.

Al Adinolfi of the 103rd district (Cheshire, Hamden, Wallingford) is one of the most pro-family state representatives in our state legislature. And his opponent is possibly the most anti-Catholic candidate in the 2006 campaign. Earlier this year pro-abortion activists tried to pass a law forcing Catholic hospitals to provide “Plan B,” which can induce chemical […]

One year ago yesterday the same-sex civil union law went into effect. The occasion was marked by a flurry of stories similar to what was published when the law hit the six month mark. From the Bristol Press: Brian S. Brown is the executive director of the Family Institute of Connecticut, whose mission is “to […]

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