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So I’m just back from St. Joseph’s Cathedral but without the pleasure of having heard one of Msgr. Liptak’s amazing Wednesday homilies–or of attending Mass at all. The reason is that I ran smack into the middle of a protest against the Archdiocese in front of the building, full media entourage present  and no Church spokesman–at […]

Alas, it has come to this. Courant columnist Susan Campbell is now watching us more closely than we are watching her. We didn’t respond to a Mar. 7th Campbell column dissing FIC until a month later–and Campbell responded to our response the very next day. And then we didn’t see her response until a week later–the Enfield fight consuming […]

The Enfield Board of Education (BOE) voted 6-3 Tuesday night to return graduation ceremonies to First Cathedral. This is a victory for religious liberty and common sense—and it would not have happened without the Family Institute of Connecticut (FIC)! The BOE had previously voted to NOT hold graduations at First Cathedral. Enfield residents—including FIC members—persuaded […]

Remember when FIC forced DCF to break its links to “gay Bible” workshops last year and the Courant botched the story: The inevitable Susan Campbell column for next Sunday practically writes itself (”Why can’t those poor dears at FIC escape their misbeggoten fundamentalist upbringing and go on to write feminist dribble like me?”) She’s so […]