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FIC’s been saying it for years, but apparently you have to say it in a politically correct pro same-sex “marriage” way to make the Courant’s front page: Is promoting marriage a key to lifting Connecticut’s low-income children out of poverty? A national expert on welfare reform believes it is. Ron Haskins, a senior fellow at […]

The state party’s woes stem from the fact that most Connecticut Republicans haven’t acted like Republicans in years. Capitulating to the Left on every single values issue has gotten the state GOP nowhere. If it were otherwise—if Rep. Cafero were right—why is it that the conservative Democrats we endorsed all won? CT Gov. Ella Grasso—that […]

State Republicans think they lost seats in the General Assembly because they were perceived as—try not to laugh—too conservative on social issues: “Does the GOP in Connecticut have a problem? You bet it does,” Cafero said. “I think part of that problem is, we have failed to define ourselves as Connecticut Republicans and frankly have […]

The holiday week got off to a bad start with a front page Sunday Courant piece that seemed to support infanticide for disabled children: The day Gary Horn’s son was born three months ahead of schedule and weighing barely a pound, a team of intensive care doctors began a feverish battle to save the baby. […]

Leave aside the Courant’s disingenuousness in “challenging” pro-family activists yesterday to explain how same-sex “marriage” hurts real marriage. Today’s Courant answers the paper’s own challenge: Valerie and others among the estimated 40,000 men, women and children in polygamous communities are part of a new movement to decriminalize bigamy. Consciously taking tactics from the gay-rights movement, […]

On Planet Courant the editors view the Massachusetts legislature’s unlawful obstruction of a referendum on marriage as an act of democracy. From “Mr. Romney’s Graceless Act:” Mitt Romney, outgoing Massachusetts governor and Republican presidential hopeful, did not act very presidential this week when he took his anti-gay marriage crusade to the streets and joined other […]

Leave it to the blogosphere to provide the best commentary on the state of the CT GOP. Doug Wrenn slams the preference for ambition over principle: A former State Representative once told me that most pro-lifers (supposedly) don’t remain “pro-life” for long in Hartford because the atmosphere and pressure to conform to the faction of […]


A number of you have e-mailed this post in the CLP thread to me: Given how the Democrats did, nationally and locally, in 2006 shouldn’t LMAF’s candidates have done more than “a bit” better? Wolfgang overreached by calling FIC’s issues a “major” factor, but here and there their stuff did seem to play a “hold […]

Genghis Conn is right. Because of anti-war passions same-sex “marriage” did not play as big a role in state elections as I was expecting: That result suggests that their [FIC’s and Love Makes a Family’s] endorsements had little impact, which is probably true. In the most recent Quinnipiac Poll that asked the question “What do […]

We won 40 races and lost in 26.  That’s a 61% success rate in an election year where we saw massive losses in state houses across the country.  We also won in the most important General Assembly race: the race for the 16th State Senate district that pitted Love Makes a Family’s most heavily funded candidate (David […]

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