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FIC was proud to partner with human rights activist Raymond Bechard to pass landmark legislation against human trafficking in the last two legislative sessions. The fight against that anti-family scourge will continue in a myriad of ways for many years to come. One of those ways is the First Annual 5K Run organized by the […]

CT Life Chain Oct. 6th

Life Chain will be happening in Connecticut on October 6th in the following locations: * CHESHIRE – in front of Cheshire Town Green, 2:00 to 3:30 p.m.; Noreen Pearsall 203-272-8661 * DANBURY – Main Street at West Street, 2:30 to 3:30 p.m.; Dorothy Vining 203-748-2939 or Deirdre Condon 203-438-6123 * NEW MILFORD – The Green, […]

CT Mirror is reporting that “The new voice of labor in Connecticut is female and gay.” Lori Pelletier, a lesbian, is expected to be the first new leader of the state chapter of the AFL-CIO in twenty-five years. Interviewed about her impending election, Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro said: ..labor needs to reach beyond the traditional borders […]

Family Institute of Connecticut is hearing from both concerned friends and gleeful foes over comments by Pope Francis that are being spun in the media as “Pope wants Catholics to abandon the fight against abortion and same-sex ‘marriage.’”  In fact, that is not what the Pope said. In a 12,000 word interview that touches briefly […]

Former state Sen. Dan Debicella, a Republican candidate for Congress in Connecticut’s 4th District, said in the September 12th, 2013 Shelton Herald: “I am pro-choice,” he said. “I’ve always been pro-choice. I’m pro-stem cell research. I’m pro-gay marriage. I am very, very liberal on a lot of social issues.” Family Institute of Connecticut Action president […]

It’s the sort of thing that reminds us why we call Family Institute of Connecticut’s Annual Fundraising Banquet “Standing in the Gap.” There is the biblical reference, of course (Ezekiel 22:30). But there are also moments like this: [Senate Republican Leader John] McKinney listed [Gov. Jodi] Rell’s policy achievements:…helping Connecticut become “the first state to pass […]