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A curious episode at the state Capitol last week has us thinking of Jonah Goldberg’s book. As a favor to the CT House of Prayer (CHOP),¬†we submitted this announcement to the legislative bulletin about an event CHOP is hosting: National Day of Prayer Event Mayor Eddie Perez, Police Chief Darryl Roberts and Peter Wolfgang from […]

First there was the typically overwrought pro sex-ed Susan Campbell column: Connecticut is one of the bluest states imaginable, yet public discussion about sex education in schools can easily jettison us back to the days of the Scopes trial, when fiery preachers railed against modernity, and movie theaters were considered Satan’s temple… Yet the opposition […]

According to today’s Courant it is still an open question as to whether or not one Yale student’s disgusting abortion “art” project was a hoax: The artwork that the press flocked to Yale on Tuesday to see was nowhere to be found. Walking past colorful prints and abstract landscapes, the reporters descended into a sunken […]

First, the good news. Embryo-destructive research has become so obviously pointless that even our state’s scientists have begun to notice it: The Connecticut Stem Cell Research Advisory Committee doled out almost $10 million in state grants to Connecticut scientists Tuesday [April 1st], including one that has the potential to take some of the controversy out […]

But it’s death did not go unnoticed. There is a major article, for instance, on page 5 of the April Catholic Transcript. Unfortunately, it does not appear on the paper’s web site. But here is an excerpt: HARTFORD – Testimony by the public policy arm of the state’s bishops and by the Family Institute of […]

“They converged in big numbers at the state Capitol today to rally against same-sex marriage and for the right to homeschool their children.” That was how Channel 3’s Al Terzi began a 5:30 pm Eyewitness News report about FIC Action’s Pro-Family Rally and Lobby Day yesterday. You can see the report that ran on the […]