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So even the courts follow election returns. In an apparent anti-Goodridge legal trend, a state court in Washington became the sixth this month to rule against same-sex “marriage:” OLYMPIA, Wash. — The Washington Supreme Court narrowly upheld the state’s ban on gay marriage Wednesday, dealing the gay rights movement its second major defeat in less […]

Connecticut’s well-heeled pro-abortion activists are concerned that Sen. Lieberman, despite his 95% NARAL rating, is not fully committed to the killing of unborn children: WEST HARTFORD — One day after Bill Clinton rallied Democrats to Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman’s side, Ned Lamont resumed chipping away at the senator’s liberal credentials, cultivating Connecticut activists unimpressed with […]

With all of the Courant’s free advertising for same-sex “marriage” under the guise of news stories, it’s amazing that anti-family activists would bother to pay for today’s full page ad. But their recent legal losses have them spooked. One of those losses occurred here in Connecticut, where a judge said what FIC has said all […]

Who would have guessed the Courant’s most pro same-sex “marriage” columnist would find herself agreeing with the title of our favorite U.S. Senator’s book? From yesterday’s Susan Campbell column: But let’s be serious. Hartford already has its share of youth programs, says Kelvin D. LoveJoy, of Hartford Youth Empowerment. Hartford doesn’t need baby sitters who […]

Another day, another Courant plug for same-sex “marriage.” At least they ran it as an editorial this time. But it’s still a mess: Since Massachusetts became the first and so far only state to allow same-sex marriages in 2003, about 8,000 couples have united with no apparent social cataclysm. In the two years since the […]

Both Senators Dodd and Lieberman voted for the bill to clone-and-kill human embryos, which President Bush plans to veto. The AP’s Focus on the Family quote accurately describes our President and our two U.S. Senators: One conservative group, Focus on the Family Action, in Colorado Springs, Colo., praised Bush’s “uncommon character and courage in his […]

The Marriage Protection Amendment (MPA) received 187 votes in the U.S. House of Representatives yesterday, 10 more than last time. But all five of Connecticut’s representatives voted against it. Indeed, all New England’s Congressmen voted against it except for one: WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican U.S. Rep. Jeb Bradley of New Hampshire was the only New […]

Some liberal bloggers are reacting to Judge Pittman’s ruling against same-sex “marriage” with their usual cogency: Too bad religious people want to force rational people to abide by nonsense, aka, religion, thought up by a bunch of vicious, Bronze age, goat herders. Yes that sounds like a great way to make public laws – consult […]

In a stunning victory for self-government, the judge whose court anti-family activists chose to file their suit in has ruled against a judicial imposition of same-sex “marriage” in Connecticut: Judge rules gay couples not harmed by civil unions law By SUSAN HAIGH Associated Press Writer HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Gay and lesbian couples have not […]

Two obstacles to marriage protection in Massachusetts have just been removed. That, plus the recent pro-family decision by New York’s liberal high court, has Connecticut’s pro same-sex “marriage” activists in furious damage-control mode. From the AP: BOSTON — The same court that made Massachusetts the first state to legalize same-sex marriage ruled Monday that a […]

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