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My response to this piece is in the New Haven Register. This is the crux of it: An Oregon-style law would create “death row” for sick people — with far less rigor or transparency. (Read the entire letter here.) In my letter, I cite information from Time Magazine on the execution of Michael Lee Wilson, as well as the Oregon Public Health Division’s […]

Tom Williams/Roll Call/Getty Images CT Mirror has a piece today about Sen. Blumenthal’s leadership role on the Clay Hunt veteran suicide prevention bill; the U.S. Senate is expected to vote on this legislation today. I have, of course, very publicly locked horns with Sen. Blumenthal. There are not too many occasions when we find ourselves […]

Maggie Karner addresses the East Coast Conference Against Assisted Suicide (photo by Ellen Kolb).   I suppose you could say that Brittany Maynard and I became the overnight internet brain cancer poster children on either side of the assisted suicide debate.   Within a few days of writing an opinion article for The Federalist and The Hartford Courant opposing […]

The best lack all conviction, while the worst / Are full of passionate intensity. – Yeats (“The Second Coming”) I do not pretend to know what is really behind “pro-life” House Republicans’ sudden attack of scruples about the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, especially as sources call it identical or practically identical to a bill these same […]

The Hartford Courant digital edition has thrown pro-lifers a bone — an itty, bitty chicken wing bone. A search using the terms “March for Life” yielded six relevant hits (initially 64, but on closer examination, most had nothing to do with it) within a four-day period. During the same time frame, there were 26 stories […]

Scrap the Hippocratic Oath?

An op-ed in The Hartford Courant today calls the Hippocratic Oath “more archaic than a washboard” and “a roughly 2,000-year-old text with only marginal relevance to medicine today.” It peeves almost every pet I have, with its appeal to ‘modernity’ and too much other shoddy logic. Editorials like these do violence to the rational minds of both […]

You just have to love the nation’s oldest continuously-published newspaper. Thanks to the AP, over 100 news outlets covered the highly successful, first-ever East Coast Conference Against Assisted Suicide which we co-sponsored. The Hartford Courant was not among them although the event was within 10 minutes of Broad Street headquarters. What is newsworthy, pray tell? […]

The Connecticut Catholic Conference released its annual report on abortion in Connecticut on December 31. I encourage all our readers to spend a few minutes familiarizing themselves with it, but here are some highlights: Good news: Abortion numbers are on a down-trend, overall. Room for improvement: In 2013 (the last year included) there were still […]

The 2015 legislative session began last week. This means “game on” for us, particularly since we anticipate another battle on assisted suicide. Now is a good time to remind Connecticut citizens — and those who would serve them in our Assembly — what tactics we could expect from opponents in the coming months. The assisted […]

Brittany Maynard is the young woman with glioblastoma who’s video announcing her decision to take her life on November 1st has gone viral, becoming a cause célèbre for advocates for the legalization of assisted suicide. More recently, Brittany says she may not end her life on Nov. 1st. Working with an ideologically diverse coalition, Family Institute […]

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