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Will the Abortion War End?

That’s the question asked by a (Danbury) News-Times article this past weekend and I am inclined to answer yes–when every unborn child is welcomed in law and protected in life. A day that will never come, you say? The News-Times quotes me on the present darkness…and the glimmers of hope: Peter Wolfgang, executive director of […]

Several recent missteps by Connecticut’s senior U.S. Senator have caused some to question his integrity. Today, it’s my turn: Peter Wolfgang, who leads the Family Institute of Connecticut, said that Dodd’s reversal was motivated by political expediency. “He took a position against same-sex marriage when he was running for president because that was the most […]

Yesterday’s Parade magazine ran an article by President Obama, touting the importance of fatherhood. Media reports pushing the article described it as part of his wider strategy of not alienating social conservatives–a strategy noticeably absent during a high profile visit to Hartford.  In fairness, the new president has given more attention to the topic of fatherhood […]

Connecticut’s Episcopal Diocese would rather sell off a 245-year-old church in Watertown than give in to its pro-family dissenters. From Tuesday’s (Waterbury) Republican-American: And last year Palmer was there [at Christ Church] when nearly all of the congregation left to form their own church because of the national Episcopal Church’s stance on homosexuals and other issues. On Sunday, Bishop […]

While it’s certainly true that each person can believe what they will, according to the dictates of their conscience, it’s always interesting to observe people who attempt to misappropriate the label of Christianity when their system of belief actually contradicts the teachings of Christ and His apostles. This is often the case with liberals who […]

If you’re an Obot, you might be thinking that June is meant to be LGBT Pride Month. But for thousands of years, it has been celebrated as a time that signifies the special nature of the union between male and female. Even beyond our Judeo-Christian traditions, the ancient peoples of the earth recognized this time […]

We live in troubling times. Throughout the United States – at the local, state and federal levels of government – assaults continue upon our religious freedom. Recent examples include: Enforcement action by San Diego County against a local pastor and his wife, for daring to hold a bible study group in the privacy of their […]


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