Many of you are e-mailing us about this:

Michael Bradway, 38, of Cornwall, was arraigned Thursday on charges of child abuse and larceny. He’s accused in an elaborate scam that convinced dozens of people that his young son had cystic fibrosis…

Bradway, kept the boy thin and fabricated medical bills, fooling his estranged wife and in-laws for years, prosecutors said. His allegedly convinced his in-laws the boy needed a lung transplant and they contributed nearly $40,000 for the operation…

Authorities said Bradway began fabricating medical bills in 2001 when the boy was 5. He also put the child on a severe diet to make him thin. To duck doctors, he told school officials that the boy could not be immunized for religious reasons…

Bradway was convicted in 1994 of larceny and forgery for operating as an unregistered broker in Massachusetts and embezzling $167,000, authorities said. He was sentenced to one year in prison.

And here are the last two sentences of the article:

Bradway was fired from his job at Love Makes a Family, a gay rights group where he worked since May.
“We’re absolutely shocked and dismayed,” said Anne Stanback, president of the group.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Bradway’s child.

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