Many thanks to Rep. Michael Lawlor, legislative leader of the pro same-sex “marriage” movement, for the free advertising he gives to FIC Action Committee in today’s New Haven Register:

“As you’ll recall from the last campaign, Dan got virtually all of his money from out of town — thousands and thousands of dollars from just one organization,” the Family Institute of Connecticut Political Action Committee, Lawlor said. “Dan got all kinds of help. … They put up billboards, paid for lawn signs — as far as I know, paid for everything else.”
On Election Day, representatives of the Hartford-based Family Institute, which supports conservative values and has blasted Lawlor for his support of same-sex marriage, “were knocking on doors” in East Haven on McCann’s behalf, he said.

Rep. Lawlor appears to have dropped the strategy he was pursuing last March, back when he was hanging his hat on a false story claiming his pro-family opponent, Dan McCann, had “cut ties” with FIC Action Committee. In fact, Dan has the backing of both FIC Action Committee and the East Haven GOP this year. And he is an outstanding candidate:

McCann said he has “knocked on over 4,000 doors in this election and the voices from the people are the same: Mike Lawlor is never around, and they only see his face in East Haven when it’s election time.”
“As a candidate, I am proud of my campaign fund-raising,” he said. “To date, we’ve held every event here in East Haven and every event is always open to the public to hear my message. Moreover, most of the money we’ve raised comes from East Haven.
“I guess Mike Lawlor expects the residents of the 99th District to hike up to Hartford to hear his message,” he said. “When I am elected, the people of East Haven will receive the representation they deserve. The only agenda Dan McCann will have is to my constituents.”

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